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The last few weeks I have been double blogging. I hope you follow me here to my new blog home. Looking forward to a new design & other fun things coming soon. 


A Pinteresting Day


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So unless you live in a cave or just don’t have an internet connection you’ve probably heard of Pinterest. If you are slightly crafty, enjoy cooking, or just like to look at interesting things I am sure that you are loving Pinterest. I am!

I found this recipe via Pinterest that was posted here on this blog a few weeks ago. Like usual I did not follow the recipe exactly, because I knew I would enjoy it even more with a little tweaking! I made it last week and again yesterday for lunch.

The tweaked recipe:

  • 1 can chick peas
  • 5 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons extra light extra virgin olive oil
  • dried oregano (as much or as little as you like)
  • 2 extra large cucumbers
  • 2 large tomatos
  • feta cheese sprinkled as you like
  • cracked black pepper
Drain & rinse your chickpeas & then wait for the foam to go away. Mix up your balsamic vinegar & olive oil and dump your chickpeas into it. Put them in the fridge for 1-5 hours. Basically as much or as little time that you care to wait (at least 30 minutes to get cool).

Slice up your tomatoes & cucumbers the way you like & sprinkle with as much or as little oregano that your taste buds prefer.

If you are making this for a few people then you could just dump the chilled chickpea mixture over the veggies but if it is just you & the salad then I suggest just serving yourself a plate & putting the rest in the fridge for later. So drain the chickpeas but catch all the dressing in a bowl. Add the chickpeas to the veggies & then drizzle the dressing over your individual salad serving. If you pour all the dressing over the veggies the salad will wilt by the end of the day.

Add your cracked black pepper & feta to your yummy salad & enjoy with a nice glass of tea!

Happy Pinteresting!

A Celebratory Moment!

This last week was spring break so I decided to take a little break from my blog. Today is Monday & I really have so much excitement about today for many reasons. Java after Jammie’s, gym, starting projects, MDO resumes, College Small Group, excited about what God’s been speaking to my heart all last week, ready to finish reading Circle Makers & Start a New BOOK!!! Also, I totally just cleaned up the house in less than 20 minutes, before 9 am, woke up at 8:15, got dressed & poured me a cup of coffee! That is totally a Celebratory Moment my friends. Especially if your a momma! I did a “woohoo” aloud alone in my house after the task was completed.

Noah didn’t have Mothers Day Out last week & Johnny’s mom got to come up for part of the week because she was off from teaching.

We really enjoyed her being here & are already looking forward to the next time she can come back. We played outside, grilled, and just hung out. It broke my heart a bit when she left because Noah continued to ask for Nana all day long! Oh my! Anytime we leave any of the grandparents it is this way for a few days. P.S. Check out my babies red hair! 🙂

To distract him we went outside to play the rest of the day. This past week has been amazing outside here in Texas. I am taking advantage of the nice fresh air before summer comes around the corner.

Some friends were camping all week at the lake nearby so we went out twice in the evening to hang out. We had such a good time. Makes me miss living near water. I grew up in Palacios and lived in San Marcos for some time & just really miss it!

Noah thought he was in heaven the whole time! Loved every minute of it! We love being outside & any chance we can be near water we take it.

Going to go now & enjoy the next few hours hanging out solo on the back porch. To be honest last week I struggled with setting aside a time to have alone time with the Lord. I am feeling it now. So thankful that this morning I can have some quiet time & finish up a book. Last week my mother in law was sharing with me the things that God is doing in her life right now. In the process she told me about a book, Live Dead, she is going through. It is more of a devotional. I can not wait to start it! Check it out. It is truly a life challenging & changing read.

Happy Monday.


Wedding Weekend & Familiar Faces


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Congrats to Greg & Desiree!

They were married in this sweet little Chapel on Saturday.

I absolutely love weddings! Every wedding is different & special in its own way. For me, it is impossible to not have a good time at a wedding. We sat at a very fun table filled with a few people that we have not seen in some time.

One of those people, being Amber! She was in our youth group at our former church. She is such an amazing young lady who truly is one of a kind not to mention beautiful inside & out. Johnny & I kept whispering to one another all night, “I really miss Amber!” She moved to California this past summer so seeing her now is rare. She is someone who will always be so special to us.

Also at our table, my brother & his lovely lady Haleigh. Johnny & I were lucky enough to get to hang out with them a few times this weekend. Seriously, this girl is fun!

The four of us went back to Yums for some Gelato & Coffee. Johnny & I had a lot of fun this weekend hanging out together. We wondered around the venue at the wedding like we were on a date… when you are kid free for a night, it is considered a date!

We danced around a little bit together & just had a nice time. We got back way past Noah’s bedtime to find him still awake. Ha! He was having too much fun playing with grammy & campy to go to bed.

So he snuggled up to Johnny for a bit before I put him to sleep.

This weekend was fun. It was nice to see Familiar Faces.

We are so happy for Greg & Desiree!

Our Grown Up Time Out

Yesterday we piled into the tiny Yaris to travel to celebrate with a sweet couple who is getting married tonight. So this morning I have a choice to make; Sugar coat our traveling adventures or to be honest in saying that lately when you put the 3 of us in our tiny little car you are asking for glimpses into scenes from a war movie. HA. Okay, it’s not THAT bad, but for a couple who can count on one hand how many times they have fought in our nearly 5 years of being together, it isn’t fun.

Each time we travel the trip starts out lovely. Holding hands, Noah talking so cute in the back, and music serenading our car ride. However, the last few months when we travel in the Yaris (it only seems to be in the Yaris, probably because it is so tiny) we tend to have a much less enjoyable trip. Yesterday it was storming pretty bad the entire 4 hours making me a bit of a crazy lady back seat driver. I’ll admit it, yes I am a total back seat driver. This is probably because I am one of the most cautious people when I drive. I abide by all of the laws & when it rains I’m the one that pulls over to wait or I go 40 until it stops.

Whereas my hubby likes to go 80 at all times and 70 to be kind to me when it rains. His posture is always relaxed and rarely are two hands on the wheel at the same time. He enjoys noticing every land mark along the way with long stares that make me worry as he slightly veers off the road. So finally after the two of us realized that we were getting under the others skin & slightly losing sight of Jesus, we decided to have a grown up time out. Noah was sleeping so we both put on our own headphones & listened to our music of choice. These were my traveling tunes during our grown up time out. 

After an hour into our time out we discussed our feelings & apologized & quickly made up. Our “fights” don’t last long & we quickly make up. Later in the night, we went to the rehearsal for the wedding later today. The place they are getting married is one of my favorite places to go. It is a beautiful rose garden with several lovely spots to tie the knot. My sister & her hubby were married here too. I just love the inside of the chapel. Looking up… 

So pretty.

At the rehearsal dinner at Yums downtown. After some great food we picked out a yummy dessert. My choice was krazy cookie dough bluebell ice cream. Johnny had some gelato.

Happy Saturday!


Yumminess for You on this Chilly Day


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Today I am excited to have my first guest blogger, Krystal! Have you ever met someone, known them for years, and find yourself often thinking, “Is this girl for real? Is she really THAT sweet?” That is my cousin, Krystal, who blogs over at The Waking & yes she is the sweetest lady around. Although she truly is a beautiful writer one of her many other talents is cooking. Today she graciously agreed to share a yummy recipe with us. Enjoy 🙂


Hey readers of These Happy Times; so glad to be sharing a recipe with y’all today on my cousin’s lovely blog!

Is there anything better than some hot soup on a cold winter day? Though Tx winters tend to be pretty mild, on the occasion the temps drop below 60 degrees (fyi, this is what we Texans consider cold weather ;)), it’s nice to get in the kitchen and make some soup. And we don’t have very many winter days left so let’s take advantage of them, shall we? This Santa Fe Chicken Fajita Soup became an instant favorite of mine and my families. It’s the perfect comfort food to keep you warm this winter!

Santa Fe Chicken Fajita Soup 
(Recipe found @

I found this lovely soup on Pinterest and made it for dinner on a chilly evening a couple weeks ago. It was so easy and quick to whip up, full of flavor, and made the house smell yummy! With chunks of grilled chicken, green pepper, red onion, two types of cheeses, plus fajita seasoning for an extra punch; you have a pot of creamy, cheesy chicken soup with a Mexican twist! Top it off with some avocado and tortilla strips and let it make your day warm and cozy!

2 packages Tyson’s Grilled/Ready chicken breasts
30oz of chicken broth
1 small green pepper
1 large red onion
16oz package of Velvetta Cheese
1 package Taco Bell Fajita Seasoning Mix
1 package of cream cheese

First, dice up your green pepper and red onion. Toss those in a skillet with some olive oil. Turn the heat on high to caramelize. Add a couple dashes of garlic powder for flavor.

In the meantime, cube up the Velvetta and soften the cream cheese.

When the onions/peppers are done, add the Velvetta, cream cheese, and chicken broth to the pan. Make sure to turn the heat down to medium-low or the cheese will burn just as fast as it melts

Once your mixture is smooth, add the Tyson’s chicken {cubed} and the fajita seasoning. Mix thoroughly and allow to simmer.

Then enjoy! (Serves 4-5)

Memories Made in the Wind


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tuesday Noah & I played outside almost the entire day. My sweet friend Angela & her two little ones joined us for a while in the morning. Noah picked his FIRST FLOWER & as he gave it to me he said in his sweet little Noah voice, “Moooomaaa flooowerrr flower” My heart Melted! Loving these precious memories made in the wind. 

Wednesday I cozied up in a comfy sweater on the back porch with my prayer journal, lap top to edit the blog & send hellos to friends i miss, my beloved coffee, and some music. By some music I really mean just listening to Audrey Assad’s albums. I can’t stop listening to her. Her lyrics are so beautiful & deep. Check her out!

 That morning Noah woke up with a random diaper rash (luckily only lasted one day) & in an effort to clear it up quickly I let him be free! Kinda, I wrapped his cute little self in a towel & brought him our new favorite snack as we watched Curious George.

Cheerios & Craisins are the STUFF! Seriously, it is so addicting. I can’t stop eating this stuff & with coffee its kinda a little piece of heaven. no joke. My mother in law got me addicted a few weeks ago.

Today was the not so fun day of the week. Last night I randomly started feeling very queasy & found myself throwing up for about an hour last night. Johnny had a tooth pulled yesterday & has not been feeling very well either. This afternoon I picked him up from church at lunch & quickly had to pull off the road as he began to throw up for what seemed like forever. Poor guy has been so sick this afternoon/night. Praying he wakes up feeling totally better. This weekend he has the honor & privilege of officiating a wedding for two very sweet students from our former student ministry. So, he needs to be feeling good soon!

My dinner date tonight. I made some very yummy chicken & potatoes. This was my view across the table.

This week has kinda felt like a vacation in some ways. For 10 hours each week I am blessed to have free time while Noah is at MDO. Free time to read books, journal, draw, paint, create, pray, listen to music, enjoy the fresh air, and drink lots of coffee. (I do throw in cleaning the house, catching up on laundry, and other more important things) Yesterday I started to feel a little guilty.

Today, that quickly went away when the nonsense of naptime with Noah began again. This week he fought like crazy to not take a nap. Today he won the battle. Cried for 1.5 hours & there was no nap to be had. This afternoon he threw a tantrum. YEP! Sweet little Noah. Big time tantrum in michaels. oh my. I just kept thinking in my head, “So, okay…. now I’m ‘that’ mom with the kid” HA! I really did smile & laugh out loud even as my kid was throwing a big fit! I carried his kicking & screaming self outside & loaded him into the yaris (as he kicked off one shoe & it landed under the car) and I just kept smiling thinking I’m thankful to be making this memory in the windy rainy afternoon.

Happy Heart Tonight.

Relentless Pursuit of My Heart


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Sunday night Johnny was sleepy so we went to bed. He quickly fell asleep & I turned on the bedside lamp for a few hours. I started reading a bit & then decided to play Audrey Assad while journaling. We bought her cd a few weeks ago but I hadn’t really listened to it yet.

My heart was immediately captured by this song, Wherever You Go, the lyrics are so beautiful. Click here to listen to her singing it. I must have listened to this song for over two hours on repeat. I love these specific lyrics above because lately I just keep telling the Lord that regardless of life I will always follow after Him because I know he has always been in relentless pursuit of my heart  even during moments when I ran from him. & for that I am so grateful. I love that even as I believe that I have given every single part of me (& my life) over to God, he keeps showing me areas that I need to work on (even the things I’ve thought I buried). Sometimes it is not always easy to realize that there are areas of my life that still need to be worked on. The truth is I will forever be growing, becoming the person God has called me to be. My prayer is that I never stop growing. If I’m not growing then I am not living.

Often, if songs are on my heart it is because they coincide with my prayers. So for the last 4 years instead of just listening to them I journal their lyrics into my prayer journal. If you have never done this, you should give it a try! It will bless you. You might feel silly at first, but it will pass & you will enjoy it. Sometimes when I go back over my journal a few weeks later, the lyrics I’ve journaled seem to jump off the pages & back into my heart at the perfect moment.


Happy Birthday To My Momma.

Yesterday was her birthday & after church on sunday her & my dad passed through town on their way to LA & made a quick stop by our house.

It was really nice to have them with us, even if it was only for 2 hours. We got to sing happy birthday, have some cake, and she opened her present from us. Noah also enjoyed some snuggle time with the Grammy & Campy.

Happy Monday!

A Little Change


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My Day In Pictures

Love my little Noah 

My mom & i went to this wonderful vintage shop down the road. This place was incredible. The entire place was a cross between west elm, pier one, and world market. It was pretty great. WAY out of my price range, but a wonderful place to dream & get inspiration. 

This kid cracks me up. ALL week he’s been sitting like this.

Today my parents had automatic blinds installed into the top 3 windows in their living room (their ceilings are crazy high) to easily block out some sunshine during the day. Noah was so excited but very scared at the same time.

He is so precious, he continually tries to explain that the man came with a ladder & put them up saying, “man ladder cool”.

Today I got my hair cut….

I had 7 inches cut off! Craziness. I was in desperate need for a hair cut. I enjoyed it being long & a little darker, but was ready for a little change. Since we’ve moved I have been unable to find anyone that I really like, so I waited & waited to get it done until I finally just got it done where I use to live.

time to sleep, good night.


Again & Again



This week has already been so good for our little family. The past 8 months Johnny has been working at UPS in the mornings (4-9 am) before going to the office to help with some extra income for our little family. We weighed all the different options of me going to work full time in my field or even part time in retail or something, but ultimately Johnny & I decided we wanted Noah to be at home with me if possible. I am so blessed to have a sweet man that sacrifices for our little family. This season of our life has not been the easiest but it has been a wonderful opportunity for us to learn so much. Our faith & wisdom have grown leaps & bounds and I know it would not have been possible without this season in life. We are so excited to actually go to bed together, lay in bed & talk for hours until we fall asleep, wake up in the mornings together, have people over more often during the week, and have plenty of energy to do things as a family again. SO, today was Johnny’s last day at UPS. I am so thankful for UPS, but even more thankful that we are at a place that he no longer needs to anymore.

Again & Again, God is faithful.


This week Noah & I have been spending time with family. I haven’t been down to see my family since Christmas, I MISSED THEM!!

Noah & Campy watching Toy Story 3 (for the 15th time) before bedtime.

These 3 also got to spend some much needed time together. Noah & Abbey are crazy about each other. From the moment we got to my parents house Noah asked for Abbey non stop (my sister often plans to come down @ the same time I do). Yesterday when he found out we were going to there house in Austin, he was so excited!

this is baby Tucker. Good grief this little baby is so sweet & cute! He really is such a good baby, I don’t think I heard him cry once.

My brother goes to school nearby so he came over too! I miss my baby brother so much. He is coming to stay with us for a few days soon. The two of us volunteered to go on a cupcake run for the rest of the family yesterday.

Hey Cupcake! If you see these in Austin, stop because these trailers are full of yummy goodness! The red velvet with chocolate buttercream is the best!

Jen & Abbey. Just want to squeeze Abbey because she is too cute! Abbey is so smart and never fails to crack us up with the things she says.

I am so glad that I got to come down this week, because I had been trying to come down for the past 3 weeks but things just kept popping up & we couldn’t make it down. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with my family. My mom & I are still having fun talking it up, thrifting, baking, and being silly.

Happy Tuesday!