The past month has flown by.

 I have been with the agency for 2 months now. I have enjoyed every moment at the agency, but I have missed my husband, I miss having my days spent with my sweet little boy, my home, and my church! I have enjoyed seeing my family but miss my daily life back at home. I have learned so much this summer & I am grateful for the experience that I have gained.

Recap of Agency Field Placement ….thus far…

The last few weeks have been filled with many real life client experiences. My direct supervisor is the Deputy Director of Case Management, he is a LMSW & an ordained pastor. I appreciate the approach he takes to train.

his motto is: he teaches, we watch, we do.

The first week we shadowed during case management sessions, counseling appointments, rental and utility appointments, medical pre screening appointments, medication assistance vouchering, clothing vouchering, operating the food pantry, observing during physical – mental – spiritual assessments of clients, resident intakes, emergency intakes, learned how to efficiently run a non-profit agency front office and so so so SO much more!

After the first time we watched, the next time we got to do it on our own. a tad bit intimidating. the first time i just kept thinking hope im not forgetting anything…hope im not forgetting anything..oh i really hope im not forgetting a thing!

ha! i suppose that’s expected, right????  I did forget things. but my supervisor always politely/subtlety prompted me to remember what i had not thought of.

 the cliental that the agency serves are homeless, indigent families/individuals, people of all ages, race, sex, sexual orientation, various mental illnesses, and all diverse lifestyles with a variety of needs.

coming into this field placement, one population i had never considered working with, that I am now looking into, is MHMR. The second week my supervisor allowed me to have my first  experience directly with a severe MHMR client.

  I was extremely intimidated @ first but then surprisingly i LOVED IT!! since the first client with MHMR, i have been given the opportunity to have more direct experiences with clients in this population.

 so I need to take a picture of us interns, but for now i will show you one of our main work places:


notice the 3 mac books/ and the 3 iphones hiding throughout the picture. ha! I had to take a picture of our daily norm. this is at the main office for the agency.

this is one desk. I took the picture sitting at the other desk… the other one is usually much more cluttered with paperwork & whatnot than this. you can kinda see it in this picture below. In this picture is one of the interns that left early.. he was our onion/translator specialist. You can see some of office a little more. we were taking pictures at 5 on his last day.

in the meaning time…..

I spent two weeks without seeing my little Noah or my man. that was not too fun. but it was good for Johnny to spend time with Noah, while I was working at my internship.

Johnny sent many pictures of Noah during that time…he took Noah everywhere with him. church, worship practice, work and they hung out together 24/7.

One Sunday morning, Noah wouldn’t go to anyone while johnny was trying to practice… i wish i had a picture, bc everyone said that Johnny was leading worship/playing/singing with Noah in his arms. HA! I believe it.

my baby enjoying his Texas Summer in his backyard @home

I went home for the July 4th holiday. It was great to be home for the holiday, but sad to leave again. Noah came back with me!

he was very happy to see his momma!!!

ha! i missed his silly little facial expressions so much!

Mr. Cool Loves his sunglasses.

Sometimes when he is cranky/restless I pop those on his little self and he becomes a happy camper.

It has been 2 weeks since i’ve seen Johnny, but it really feels like 2 months!!! This last week was most definitely the hardest because we just miss each other like crazy.

The past 3 days Noah has been with his nanna. I’m glad that he is getting to spend some time with her. Johnny’s sister and her two beautiful baby girls came down & Noah got to spend time with them… I need to locate some more pictures of the three cousins together. I stole this one from facebook….

it is a great picture!!!


ok… i need to be productive again. I have several major papers to write! Fun fun!

happy saturday!