This summer has been a long, crazy, but beneficial summer for our little family. I completed my internship with a non-profit faith-based agency in the town we moved from this past December. I completed a very small internship there a few years ago during my sophomore year of college. I fell in love with the agency & this summer was just incredible. I have learned an endless amount of information, gained a collection of skills I will forever use, and have grown so much personally and spiritually. There have been times that I questioned God, asking Him, about the direction of my life in regards to the length of time it has taken me to complete my education. God continued to reassure me that I was always right where He wanted me. This summer was no different. I can’t wait to share the incredible things God revealed to me this summer!

So the only downside of this summer (a HUGE downside) I was away from my husband, church, and newly made friends. It was a struggle being away from Johnny. The first week I almost walked away, because the stress of the internship and being away from my man was too much. Thankfully God gave us the strength to get through it. 400 + hours completed! I graduate in two weeks! Very happy! I love that God can use every situation to prove His love and faithfulness to us!

After my last day with the agency my sister Jen came down to make the trip to see some family in Palacios. aka the end of the earth. ha! It was good to see them. Noah & Abbey are the cutest to watch play together! I loved it! The ride down was ok. Long. Noah does not like the car seat AT ALL anymore. He cried on and off the whole way home. He wanted me to hold his hand or touch his face, but my little niece was not having it…bc i had to reach across her lap to do so. it was too funny!

Noah was getting some dancing out of the way on the ride down.

After some whining, crying, and barney eventually they both fell asleep. praise the Lord!

It was a good trip. Great to see my sister & Abbey! I really wish we lived closer to one another. I just love abbey! She’s such a sweet little girl! Noah LOVES playing with her! I’ll upload some videos of the two of them later.

My parents celebrated 31 years of marriage last weekend. They enjoyed having both of their grand babies with them. Noah’s posture always cracks me up. He is too funny!

On Friday I drove home to spend a few days with my husband! It was so great to see him! I didn’t get home until pretty late so we just hung out. We went shopping for a new pillow for me. I bought one, but I am going to take it back. It is hard for me to find one that I really like..blah.. I even tried a few out, but still no luck.

Saturday night we went to the great balloon race. So fun! We went last year & had to go back again this year.

It was VERY HOT! But fun!

one of the balloons going up. It is kinda crazy because all of these balloons are being blown up right next to you. Little kids were about two feet from the balloon. seemed kinda dangerous to me to have little kids so close. Very cool though!

More Balloons & there was also a concert, Jack Ingram was there. Interesting. lol. It is kinda cute this was the first concert (secular) that my husband has ever been to. I love my husband because he is who he is & has never pretended to be something that he is not. That is the best quality to possess. He grew up listening to solely christian music. He has never been to a secular concert and didn’t even listen to non-christian music until we got together. lol. I introduced him to a lot of music. I think it is cute. It is kinda funny because i am a PK (preachers kid) and I grew up listening to all genres of music. My daddy loves music and plays anything and everything. I love all genres of music and enjoy going to concerts & local venues when I can. So the concert (style of music) was not really our cup of tea but we stayed for a few songs and left before people were visibly drunk.

Next year, our city will host the national balloon race! It is going to be awesome!

(I was going to add a video but currently it will not allow me to)

Today is Tuesday, and I am getting so much stuff done.  I will post pictures of my projects soon. I made a trip to one of my favorite thrift stores yesterday. Grabbed 2 hard back books, a big picture frame, a purse, and a makeup bag all for $7.

So far, I have re-purposed a book & one the purse into a cute handbag! Tonight I am going to make a jewelry frame for our bathroom. I cleaned our casa very good on Saturday/Sunday and applied for a few jobs yesterday. I am hitting up a few more places to apply today. I want to get a part time job soon, just anything really. I would love to use my degree but really don’t know if that is possible unless I go full time. I really don’t want to go full time with Noah so little. I want to be with him everyday! We are still praying about what is best for our family. I am going to finish up some things around the house! ~brit