I graduated on August 13th with my Degree in Social Work. Right before I walked onto the stage at graduation to receive my degree I had a really quick flashback of the last 6 years of my life. It is not a secret that I took a little longer than most to obtain my degree and at times during this process I have questioned the Lord, inquiring why at times why He permitted my life course to develop the way it has. Also, this entire summer, while working @ my internship, I continued to wait for the Lord to answer a specific question I had asked him on the very first day at the agency. My question for God was, “now what? Where do I go from here Lord? What am I suppose to do with this degree? I need to hear directly from you before I make a move.”

The entire summer, I waited and waited for an answer. On the very LAST morning during staff meeting (when it was just myself, my direct supervisor, and the ED of the agency) that God (on His time) gave me my answer. We were talking about different things and my supervisors were kinda saying goodbyes & whatnot and the ED said to me, “I am going to say something personal and I hope that is alright. I feel that you are meant to use your past challenges that you have overcome in your life as the platform for helping others. Specifically the women who have experienced the challenges that you have gone through.” Immediately, I knew that was the Lord speaking directly the answer I had been waiting to hear all summer & for the last 6 years of my life. God has placed a desire in my heart for women to see their beauty, potential, and feel the Love of the Lord through a relationship with Him.

God has allowed challenges to take place in my life for a reason and a purpose. The last 6 years make more sense to me than ever before! I am thankful for every hard time that I have had to work through to obtain my degree. The funny thing is, is that I never had a desire to go to college (it still isn’t that big of a deal to me) but I am thankful for my education. I say that to say, that more than anything my entire life I have wanted to me a missionary to share the Love & faithfulness of the Lord with others.

As I was waiting to go onto the stage to receive my degree at graduation, God reminded me of all the precious people I have had the honor of meeting over the last 6 years, the joy of sharing Christ with, the places I have gone to,  and He reminded me that the last 6 years of my life I was a missionary. God reminded me that the last 6 years of my life are a complete testament of His faithfulness. The Lord is so sweet and good to me. I am excited to see what He has next for me.


Graduation Week Recap!

It was a crazy last week of school-stuff. I finished my internship with Faith Mission the week of July 28th, came back home for 5 days to have a “vacation” with my husband, and then went back for a Social Work Awards Banquet in Houston on the 5th. Vacation is such a state of mind. I am crazy about my man & any time we get to hang out, laugh, and wonder around town together is a vacation to us! It was needed after 10 weeks of being apart! With that said, my husband went to my banquet with me ….

It was fun. We got all jazzied up, went to my banquet, picked up a nice award, ate some very good food, got some ice cream on the way to the hotel, and watched a movie together.

A week later I drove back down for grad events… induction into the honor society, practice, and a luncheon on campus. Then grad time…

Take a quick peek @my fabric covered hat!! The man shaking my hand below is telling me he loves it!(kinda interesting these 2 pictures above were sent to me from a girl I went to High School with, she happened to be at graduation for a relative of hers)

oh yes, My child wanted NOTHING to do with me on graduation day. ha! poor Noah was scared of me with the hat, cords, and other hoopla I was wearing that day and refused to let me hold him for the most part.

Finally he managed one photo to be taken…. quickly… while crying & laughing

I didn’t get very many pictures at the actual graduation bc it was so stinking hot outside, remember Texas is 105 – 110 degrees right now at all times! I didn’t grab a quick picture with my two wonderful parents. Love them so much!

After Graduation I had planned on eating at Panera Bread (bc I LOVE IT & we do not have any near us) but the honda decided to stop pumping cold air onto our hot Texas faces. And well that didn’t go over too well. So we stopped somewhere else for some fajitas.

Noah cooling off from the hot car ride! (Thank goodness the air is now working fine)

Later that day we had some yummy home made from scratch chocolate cake my momma made!

It was a great weekend!! Thankful to be finished with school & excited about this next part of my life!