Lately I’ve been seeing with my own eyes in supermarkets, reading facebook statuses, and I even watched a t.v. special about it…. Extreme Couponing. I understand the importance of being wise with each penny in our pocket but is it really saving money to purchase 40$ worth of duplicate items that you will not even need for a very long time? Then to return to the same store a few days later to purchase another 40$ worth of duplicate items. Are you really saving?

(I found this image on google)

Don’t get me wrong, I never go to Michaels without a coupon! Any time I can save a few bucks on something I already want or need to buy, I’m all about it!

For real, who needs a plethora of apple juice, juice and zip lock baggies? Truthfully, I think that people are just getting greedy. I simply do not think it is necessary to purchase so many items that will just sit on your shelf or under a bed in your home to wear the crown of an “Extreme Couponer”.

However, I do think that if you have a large family, running a daycare, donating couponed items to homeless shelters or food banks, or shipping the goods to our soldiers that you should keep on keeping on! That is something to be proud of! Lets get real though, is that what this “Extreme Couponing” fad is really about? Or are extreme couponers just falling into the consumerism concept that we have grown accustomed to?

Just a thought. No offense if your an extreme couponer, I still love ya!