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There are some very serious wildfires happening all around my little Texas home. This past Saturday I went to Austin to celebrate with my sister, some of her friends, and some family the upcoming arrival of baby Tucker! My nephew will be born in November & we are all so very excited! It was a great shower and I had fun making lots of little things for it. I’ll post some pictures in a bit.

It is crazy because on the way to Austin, I drive through Bastrop. I have for years. I went through through there way too many times to count on my way back to Texas State University. It is sad because over 500 homes have burned down and everyone in that area has been evacuated. They can not seem to contain the fires. It is just so very sad. My brother is at Texas State now, he came home over the weekend to see my parents and it took him a very long time to get home because of the fires raging in Bastrop.

My mom came back with me to stay for a few days, as we were driving into town, I looked over and said aloud, “thats weird… is that … those trees are on fire!!!” I could barely believe my eyes. We were driving and about 10 feet from my car, TREES WERE ON FIRE! very creepy moment. The next day the people in our area, including members of our church, were fighting for their homes. We drove to Starbucks yesterday morning for a pick-me-up, and this is a picture of our church. Unfortunately those are not rain clouds, it is the smoke from all of the fires in our area.

Last night people just a few miles from us were being evacuate from their homes. This morning I woke up, got dressed, and took Noah outside to find smoke in the air and ashes everywhere!It looked as if it were smoking, but instead it was ash swirling around. I let Noah run around for a few minutes but then we went inside because it was too much to take. Our cars, roof top, and mailbox all have ash on them.

It breaks my heart because so many people have lost their homes. They have lost everything. A woman and her sweet baby were killed in their home because they could not escape the fires.

Please continue to pray for everyone in our area. Pray for rain!!