This weekend I went to Austin for a baby shower for Jen’s new arrival (coming in November) Tucker August. This is Tucker’s older sister,Abbey,

who is just so precious. She is too smart for her own good. Tucker & Abbey will be 2 years apart, almost exactly. They will be the same age for about 2 weeks each year. My sister is brave. I am not that brave. So is my sister in law and my friend Angela. They all 3 have children <2 apart.

Abbey quietly was in the kitchen after the shower and snuck a piece of cake off of the counter. My mom happened to catch her quick enough for me to snap a picture!

Too funny!

This is Abbey’s Mommy, my Sister, Jen.I love her wall of photos! Jen looks so cute preggo! She only has a few months to go!

I made a bunch of pinwheels & tiny mustaches for cake toppers. Her theme was circus for the shower. They were fun to make & they looked cute. I also made a wreath for Tucker. I didn’t take the best picture of it, but I really liked the way it turned out.

It was a fun day. Always so fun to see Jen, Abbey, and Greg. I left Noah with Johnny instead of making the long 4 hour drive with him for such a quick trip. The last two times I drove down with him solo he screamed 95% of the time. Really didn’t feel up to do that, especially since his daddy is so great with him. I am blessed to have a husband who watches our son all on his own for a weekend or even a week at a time. I tell ya, I’ve gotta good man!

One more picture of my little niece, Abbey. She makes me smile! It’s so funny because she is SO MELLOW! it is unreal! Noah is everywhere, 24/7, crazy hyper, and a bit of a workout. Although, he LOVES to snuggle! I am one lucky momma because Noah will cuddle with me for a few hours a day if we have time. Noah is the sweetest, but he is definitely ALL boy! lol. The difference cracks me up. but they are CRAZY together!! Its pretty cute to watch them play!