I’m not exactly sure what has hit my family like a ton of bricks this week but whatever it is, it is harsh! This entire week has been filled with throwing up, fever, chills, and then even more throwing up…. in the middle of the night… the day.. evening… morning. 24/7. It just came out of no where!

Noah was the first to get it. Then me. Followed by Johnny at 12:34 am. Fun stuff.

Waiting in the bathroom to make sure Noah was done with the throwing. Johnny had to come home from work on Wednesday because I was struggling to take care of Noah while I was sick too. Thankful for my man!


This morning I woke up feeling the most normal I’ve felt all week. SO of course,  I’ve just finished sanitizing the entire house & cleaning up the mess from last nights latest episode of the torture of the flu that hit our room last night via Johnny. Good Lord that was a bonding moment for my sweet sick husband & I. (I could live without experiencing that again though lol)

Thankfully Johnny & Noah are napping in the living room. Peace & Quiet is Truly one of my favorite things in life! I’m about to spray paint a really cool piece of furniture we found at a thrift shop a few weeks ago so we can bring it inside tonight!