It is pretty crazy to me that time is already into the second week of OCTOBER.. how can this be? Somehow it is, even if I can’t believe it. This last month I feel like we just keep telling ourselves, lets just get to the weekend & life can slow down a bit so we can hang out more. The weekends are our favorite! When Friday’s at 10 am roll around we are doing a party dance! Seriously, happy campers in our casa. (Johnny has off 75% of the day on friday)

This weekend we decided to make salsa during our downtime! Last week I was looking on pinterest for some yummy salsa recipes and came across this one here. I persuaded (really just asked) Johnny if he was in on it and with his Yes, we drove to Albertsons for the ingredients.

So we followed the recipe here to the T with the exception of the amount of peppers that we used….

Salsa Recipe (Let me rephrase that for ya, VERY VERY HOT SALSA Recipe)

  • 16 roma tomatoes
  • 2-3 yellow onions
  • 20-25 serrano peppers (DO NOT DO THIS….read on)
  • 8-10 cloves of garlic
  • 1-2 tbps of salt
  • 1-2 bunches of cilantro
Okay, so we bought 15 peppers, and deseeded half of them. IT was still way too hot!!
I suggest only using 8 Serrano peppers, and then after you finish blending it all together gradually add more in. Seriously, learn from our mistake.
So We gathered all of our ingredients together after we gave them a quick splash of water (well not the onions & garlic)
I cut the tomatoes in half, chopped up the cilantro & onions while Johnny de-seeded half of the peppers & got the cookie sheets ready with foil (He also helped with Noah)
Awe These Tomatoes were just so pretty! Loved their colors!
After Lining Two cookie sheets with foil, place your oven on 375 and line up all of your ingredients then pop them in the oven for about 35 minutes to roast.
Enjoy the yummy smells that fill your home! After 35 minutes run to check your veggies. Your tomatoes should look a little soggy, peppers & garlic a little brown, & onions slightly transparent. It took about 40 minutes to get everything the way we wanted it.
We then gradually loaded up our fancy smancy blender that we rarely get to use (a wedding gift) and blended up our salsa! It took a couple of batches to get it all blended together. We put it in a big bowl to taste ….WOW!!! It was spicy! We ate a few chips worth & eventually decided we needed to fix the fact that we wanted to eat more but could not because our mouths were on FIRE! Johnny went back to the store for 10 more tomatoes. It now is so very yummy!!! Still has a very nice kick to it & if you don’t like spicy things, you should just maybe put 5 peppers in it… lol…
Mason Jars are perfect for homemade Salsa. YUM!!!! We have about 7 or 8 of these in our fridge. we plan to freeze some & give some away.
Our Saturday adventure featured …..
A trip to Academy to buy…..
OH my, they are so pretty. Kinda look 80’ish to me, but Love them!
My Last List from HERE, Week 2 of my 52 list for 52 weeks project, I wrote down Rollerblading as one of the hobbies that I enjoyed… I loved rollerblading. I often rollerbladed in High School & in College but stopped nearly 4 years ago. My list inspired me to pick this old hobby up again. Johnny also got himself a pair or rollerblades. We headed to the church parking lot (bc we weren’t prepared enough to face the trails just yet) and adventured on!!! I’ll be honest, I really was freaked out at first! While my husband was blazing by me I was barely moving….holding onto Noah’s stroller for dear life. However, eventually in spite of my ever so cautious ways, I enjoyed it so much! After about 10 minutes I really warmed up to it…then at about 15 minutes I started saying, “This is the feeling I loved so much about rollerblading!”
Unfortunately my husband took a very hard fall about 3 minutes into it.. but it didn’t stop his handsome self. He popped right back up & started going again… Ya… that’s why I needed to be cautious @ first…for safety reasons. It was a blast! Thankful my sweet man shared in my interest for rollerblading, we are really enjoying it together!
After church Noah passed out but then woke up very upset. He started walking very funny, we changed his diaper to discover a horrible diaper rash..the 1st he’s ever had yet! His daddy tried to make him smile …. it worked…
There is my sweet Noah’s smile.
I love my sweet boys!
what a blessed weekend…