Seriously, whining facebook users that are complaining about the social networking site making some changes, please get over it. It really is NOT a big deal – at all. Lets just be happy that we all get to stay connected to our friends & loved one’s daily thoughts, opinions, pictures and their overall lives. Just being honest. Life could be a whole lot worse than these little changes.

~ brit

 Okay… For example, you could have woken up with a horrible diaper rash like my sweet little man who had to take 5 baths today to help with the sad little redness on his tush….

okay so he didn’t mind the baths…. at all.

Grammy had him laughing so hard during one of the baths that he fell over…. but     she caught him.

After 1 1/2 days of a red behind, two diaper rash creams ($13), one over the counter anti-fungal cream ($16), one FINALLY returned phone call from the doctor’s nurse, 5 baths in one day, 3 pee accidents from letting him go diaper free, 1 horrible messy pooh mess on the floor, lots of carpet cleaning, and a prescription for nystatin ($21) later we have a behind that I’m praying is better in the morning.

See, I told ya a few facebook changes isn’t too bad compared to the sad little behind of my sweet little Noah. I seriously feel so bad for his little self. It is so very sad. He’s never had a diaper rash or an infection of any kind, so I didn’t know that I wasn’t suppose to use wipes… blah. I’ve been using them for the last day, but now I know better. Oh the guilt of being a mommy during learning moments.

Despite all of the messy messes & sad whimpers from my sweet little boy hurting, today has been a fun day with my mom. When my mom is around I am chop liver. Noah would much rather have her than me..too funny. He snuggled with her for a very long time today. thankful for the next few days with her here visiting us.