Noah struck gold on Thursday. ha! We had a very fun filled day with lots of activities. Thursday morning I organized for the Mommy & Me at church to go to a local pumpkin patch. Noah enjoyed all of the “balls” (pumpkins) & I loved watching him wonder around from pumpkin to pumpkin.

Look at the at little man, he’s so grown up!

The kids got to have a story time & snack… Noah did pretty good. He randomly peeked his head around to point and yell, “ball, ball, balls mom” then turn around and keep listening to the sweet lady reading a book.

After story time we went on a hay ride. This is about the time I began to feel like such a horrible mommy. He was given a capri sun during story time. Well as we were loading onto the hay ride I totally forgot that he still had the straw in his hand as we sat down. Yep, straight down his throat! Oh Lord, what a pitiful cry that was. I felt so horrible. He eventually stopped crying and screaming to sit through the ride. It was nice. He wondered around the pumpkin patch for a little while longer before we heading to lunch with our children’s pastor & a new intern at the church.

At lunch Nikki convinced Noah to finally eat a ice cream cone. My dad tried to give him once a few months ago freaked out. He literally crawled up my dad to get away from the cone. too funny. This time he was all about the cone!

After lunch we went back to the church & played in Johnny’s office for a bit before heading to get his 1st official haircut. We’ve had to cut his hair several times here and there over the last year but we finally decided to take him in to clean up the messiness. The haircut started out okay….

but quickly took a turn for the very worst. daddy tried holding him. i tried holding him. it was a no go. He ended up screaming, crying, and turning beat red the entire time.

Oh finally it was over & we had cut hair and soon a sleeping toddler in the car. Later that evening we went back the church to walk around a little & I discovered a ton of pinecones on the property that I will be scooping up soon for christmas projects!

daddy & Noah walking around behind the church

We kept trying to get noah to look up for the picture but no such luck.

Noah soon found his way to the church where we play for a little bit and then went home. It was a fun filled day for sure!


ps it finally feels like fall in Texas!