This week Noah & I went to stay with my parents for a week. It has been such a nice week getting to spend time with them. I haven’t seen my family (with the exception of my mom) for a few months.

On Saturday my dad watched Noah for my mom & I for a few hours while we went to the Farmers Market in town & hit up a few thrift shops to get some toys for Noah. We got a handful of great toys for $3.

Noah had some quality time with uncle R Kyle playing with his new favorite toy, blocks! My mom and I found these blocks for .25 Cents at a thrift shop!

My dad grilled later (like usual his food is so good!) & mom and I made some very yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. On Sunday I had the chance to go to my parents church. It was nice because they love their church & it was nice to get to go visit it.

Then on Wednesday mom, Noah, & I went to see my sister & her growing little family in Austin. Like usual, Noah & Abbey went NUTS!!! just nuts! They are too funny to watch.

They had so much fun playing with all of Abbey’s fun toys! This girl has the hook up on cool toys.

Quick Glimpse at what a week at my parents looks like on any given evening

It is bittersweet that the week is over but I’m so happy to get home to my man! A week away from Johnny is too long!! Really don’t know how we got through this summer.