Last weekend I rode back up to our neck of the woods with my in laws. Johnny’s Grandma is in from Chicago & it was nice to have her & his parents here for a little bit. We decided to go back to the Pumpkin Patch here in town to let Noah explore some more & to enjoy the beautiful cool air that we are finally experiencing here in Texas.

Four Generations … 

Noah’s facial expressions are great! He had his grandpa going going going!

blessed with a great mother in law

We had a good time with Johnny’s family. It was such a beautiful weekend!!

~~~  ~~~  ~~~

Monday we had our church block parties throughout the town. We accidentally committed to two places, whoops! We would do something like that.

Noah’s Fall Costume was to be a little preacher man. I looked at store after store after store (about 7) for suspenders. NONE to be FOUND! Kinda bummed about that. So i opted for his skinny jeans, dress shirt, and vest (someone in our church just gave Noah a new suit & a ton of great clothes-so sweet) and we slicked his hair over. We kept trying to get a picture but he was not a happy camper about sitting still.

He perked up once we got to Andrew & Angela’s

He LOVED the bouncy house. I made sure to not let him on it until after over an hour of being there. I knew we would have a battle if we started too soon. Other children needed to jump.

My little preacher man. He was all giddy because he was WAY past his bedtime by this point. I managed to grab his wiggly little self for a quick picture.

Last weekend was lots of fun. This weekend has been good as well.