“Love your wife sacrificially so she blooms as God planned”

I happened to stumble upon a wonderful article regarding the ways in which a man should love his wife as I was reading blogs about love from a Biblical approach. This article is truly wonderful and I highly encourage anyone to read the entire piece (click here). As I read the above interpretation of Ephesians 5:25-27 it sounded quite beautiful to my heart. I literally read it at least 15 times. My heart skipped a beat on the fourth or fifth time.

Perhaps, I am a little slower than most, but it took a few times of me reading, “Love your wife sacrificially so she blooms as God planned” for it to really sink into my heart. I am beyond blessed and I can honestly say I thank God daily for the gift he gave me, in my husband. I am thankful that my husband provides me the opportunity to bloom as God intends for me to as he loves me sacrificially. I realize how uncommon my marriage is, in regards to how healthy we maintain it through God being the focal point of our lives.

The article describes ways in which men often think they need to “sacrifice” to their wives in an effort to display their love. These ways might be, cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, helping here and there with the children, putting up some laundry etc. Those are all very nice things for husbands to do, but as a wife that is not what I am wanting from my man. Why? These are not the acts from my husband that make him the type of man that God wants him to be (the kind that loves sacrificially). Often, acts like these merely make husbands feel good about themselves or they are completed because the wife request them. Therefore, it isn’t really self sacrificing love…. is it? Instead it is actually manipulation because as the husbands attempts to prove that he is self sacrificing, in all reality he is seeking a reward for himself for later (the rewards is a happy wife & maybe the husband can go play basketball with friends or something of this nature).

Instead, husbands should love their wives sacrificially. Loving your wife, sacrificially. This means to love your wife in ways that involve nothing in return. The article suggest that men must minister to their wives as their means to be sacrificially loving them. How perfectly worded is that!? Ministering to your wife. This is exactly what Johnny does for me. He truly ministers to me. Loving me in the moment with nothing expected in return.

Wives, I encourage you to pray that your husbands minister to you as they sacrificially love you. It is vital to who you become in Christ. If my husband did not love me in this way, it is very likely I would not be who I am in Christ. How to determine if your husband is loving you sacrificially? Most likely if you have to ask, he is not. However, if he is not don’t be harsh to him instead begin to pray. I wouldn’t even mention it to him until a great deal of prayer has been done on your part.

My husband may love me sacrificially, but in return I strive to display the same type of love as well as honoring & respecting him as the man of my home & life.


Where did this all come from tonight?

Well, I was actually sitting in my car about a month ago on the way to Target when God totally dropped something in my heart, “Is Johnny meant to make you happy or holy?” To be honest, I was at the stop light day dreaming about my sweetie. Thinking about how much I love him, how sexy he is, and how happy he makes me and then that question was proposed to me. I was a little dumb founded & a bit annoyed at the moment. So after that little question from the Lord, I started evaluating scripture. Leading me the the article I’ve shared today. I’m not sure where I stand in regards to if my spouse is meant to make me happy or holy, but oddly enough a sunday school class at church is about to start a Bible study on this exact topic. Coincidence? Doubt it.