Is it really already time to decorate for Christmas? Apparently, YES. So many friends are already starting to put up their Christmas Tree & our church is prepping to decorate this Thursday. Oh MY! I’m just not ready.

I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL!! It is my favorite time of the year. I love walking around looking at fall decor, wandering around beautiful fall scenery such as above, sipping a latte, listening to Ray Lamontagne (for some reason he reminds me of fall) and just enjoying the SMELL of FALL AIR! I lived in San Marcos for a few years and I enjoyed going to Wimberley, Texas on Beautiful fall days. One day when Johnny & I were dating he came to visit me and this beautiful fall scenery was about a 10 minute drive away from my apartment, I miss those sweet days!

The picture above is a few years old, but I miss those times of wandering around for hours at little shops & in quaint little areas of town & just hanging out. So far I haven’t found anything like that where we live now. Hopefully I will find a place similar soon!

This year I had so much fun decorating for Fall. It has been a year of FIRSTS! We moved into our first home on Christmas Day nearly a year ago. So, I’ve had the opportunity to decorate for seasons! I had an idea of the way I wanted my tablescape to look for the fall season, but everything I had in mind totaled over a $100 brand new. Reality Check! Not Happing. So, back in September I took a trip or two to a few of my favorite thrift shops in town to hunt down some candle sticks, plates, platters, gravy dish, etc for our table. I bought a few yards of linen from Hancocks for under $5 & bought some leaves from Michaels for a few bucks. I already had a can of white spray paint & my E6000 glue so I was good to go.

This was the Loot that I scooped up at the thrift shops. There were 4 pieces that I had to spray paint white (the ones on the napkins) but I was lucky to find some great pieces that were perfect as is! I glued the big plate & one of the candlesticks together for some height on the table. I had so much fun making the tablecloth. I don’t have a sewing machine, but my new best friend, next to spray paint, is heat n bond strips. Its good to know that I can still have pretty things on a thrifty budget. Instead of paying over $100 for all these things brand new I can tweak a few things & glue some stuff together & have it for $25 πŸ™‚

I had so much fun this fall season. I decorated throughout the house, even made some yarn wrapped pumpkins for Noah’s room & a couple of fall wreaths here and there.

Sad that it’s already time to pack up all the Fall Decor. My favorite fall wreath I made is the one on my front door. I’m in love with felt flowers!

A few weeks ago I got the crafting bug while Noah was at mothers day out, so I grabbed an old snack container, yarn, felt, and hot glue & had some fun!

Now the tin can is a festive container that sits on our bathroom shelf holding my lotion, pumpkin body spray & fabric hair rollers!


Today & this weekend I will start working on My Christmas Crafts. I have been collecting pine cones for the past month. I have a TON! My plan is to make pine cone wreaths, garlands, ornaments, and few other things! I may not be ready for Christmas just yet, but I’m ready for some fun crafts! Guess I gotta find a way to embrace it….