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This has been a better week than last… Last week we had a bit of a scare in our little family. Last Wednesday Johnny started to seem really tired, thursday morning he woke with a really horrible headache (the worst in his life), gradually it just got worse and worse. He came home from the church around 2 pm, went to sleep by 3 (took some medicine) and he slept from 3 pm – 4 am. He was very unresponsive to me. I went in to check on him here and there to see if he needed anything, but I couldn’t get him to move much or talk at all. It was very scary.

I decided that I needed to get him to the doctor. I managed to get him dressed & he was able to get to the car. I quickly packed a very large bag of stuff for Noah to entertain him (glad I did that) and I threw on some clothes… realizing later that I totally didn’t match. Johnny was evaluated by a doctor who decided he needed to go to the hospital.

I had called a couple of people to see if they could watch Noah, because the thought of taking him to the ER on my own with a husband who is completely unresponsive did not sound like a good idea at all. Unfortunately, everyone that I asked was unavailable at the time. When we first got there Noah freaked out big time because he was worried about his daddy, so the only way to get him to stop crying was to prop him up next to Johnny. It was sweet.

I’m so thankful that our friend Andrew came up to check on us. He was such a help with Noah! I was trying to make some decisions regarding different procedures they wanted to do, but couldn’t really think about it because Noah was everywhere. So at that point I was so overwhelmed with everything, Johnny was not really responding still, and Noah is a curious, rowdy, toddler who was everywhere & probably adding to Johnny’s pain. Andrew took Noah on a tour of the hospital lol. So thankful! A while later our friends Stephany & Edgar were able to come after a funeral they were at. So very thankful for them! They ended up keeping Noah for me the rest of the day, so wonderful!

Johnny had a CT done and some other minor test. Everything came back normal. They wanted to perform a spinal tap but after calling his dad & asking the doctor a ton of questions I decided not to. There are so many risks with a spinal tap, and after about 4 hours of giving him different pain medicines finally one was working. Johnny was able to give some input and he also wanted to wait on the spinal tap.

After a very long day at the hospital we came home. Johnny went to sleep. We don’t know exactly what happened other than the doctor concluded that the pain in his head could be caused by lack of sleep, stress, and basically he needs to slow down. I love my sweet husband so very much. That was one of the top two scariest moments in our marriage. The scariest part was that he was so out of it, unresponsive, and when he did talk it was just about the horrible pain.

I’m thankful for sweet friends,  a praying family, and encouraging words. I was talking to my sweet brother via text messaging late that night, he always encourages me when I need it the most.

Mikey, Johnny’s brother, was about 2 hours away at SAGU on a stop from his bike tour across Texas. His brother and a few other awesome guys rode their bikes over 800 miles to raise money for missionaries! So cool! Well He decided to come stay with us for a day & a night. I was so happy! Johnny & I really appreciated him doing that, because it meant so much. Thankfully on Saturday Johnny woke up feeling normal, his head still hurt, but nothing like before. He was up talking and walking around.

This past week he’s had a couple of days that have been a little rough with him not feeling well. Overall, Johnny has been back to normal, and I am so grateful. My husband is my best friend I am so thankful that this weekend was spent decorating for Christmas & relaxing at home.