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Why is it that nearly every single time I feel artsy & creative it hits me at 9 pm??? If I didn’t have a sweet little toddler, full of energy, and a full day ahead of me tomorrow that would be fine… but thankfully I do. Every single time it happens I tell myself, Go to sleep and wake up in the morning & create with a nice cup of coffee. I never EVER take my own advice. The problem is that I really can’t shut down once I have ideas of things I want to create. I have to do it before the creativity is gone. Tonight being creative comes with my house still being messy & me going to bed after midnight.

With all of that said… at 9 pm I started painting two pieces of art (drying overnight) that I’ve been wanting to make for about a month now, made 2 sets of Christmas coasters (plan to give one away as part of a christmas gift), made a Merry Christmas garland with my xacto knife & cardboard & then painted (hopefully will be in Christmas Card picture that I might get around to taking & filling out tomorrow), and now I am trying to get sleepy enough to fall asleep. Yes, it is already 12:30 AM…. really shouldn’t have had that cup of coffee at 10 pm. Just sounded really good at the time.

Pictures From My Day Today:

Woke up to this in our incredible OLD, dont know exactly where it came from, Bread machine maker. My sweet man really wanted me to make bread in it this week (he grew up with a homemade bread making momma) but I just really didn’t feel like messing with it this week. Instead, the other day he grabbed a box mix & this is what we woke up to. YUCK! Good intentions baby! Safe to assume this machine probably doesn’t work. Not your fault love.

Technically, this was a few days ago. However, Noah & I did some shopping today @ Target…. and once again he fell asleep. He’s been consistent to fall asleep everyday this week while I take him from store to store. Today he came home & slept 3 more hours. Guess I wore him out. Poor Baby. Tomorrow we are not going anywhere.

I Made a discovery! I really REALLY want this!! I’ve been seeing a commercial for it & finally looked it up. I very rarely buy anything like this. Actually I NEVER DO. Only a hair straightener every 2 years. This is suppose to curl or straighten.oh my! The possibilities!

We bought a Turkey this evening for our Christmas Dinner. Got home from the store at 6 & Johnny was rushing to get back to church by 6 to unlock for tonights service & practice. In his rush….. the turkey ended up sitting in a bowl in the front sitting room to thaw out.. I realized it around 6:30 while making Noah dinner. Had a good laugh & sent this picture to Johnny.

Noah getting ready for bed. He was not too happy about the news that it was night night time. He is now attached to his blankie (or “B” as he calls it), his fue (pacifier) and his cup. Every evening this is how we unwind before night time. We read books in his reading nook, have milk, cuddle, and then he goes to sleep. I am so blessed!!
In between painting & the coasters I worked out. Nike’s & Christmas PJ’s go together right? Um, yes they do. I forgot to workout earlier & Johnny was already in bed so I just figured I wouldn’t wake him up twice. Once is enough, although I really don’t think he would have heard me the first time. Anyhoo. That’s all. I’m done rambling, showered,  & I’m thinking I might be able to sleep. It is raining pretty good now 🙂

ps. excuse the misspelled words & whatnot.. it is kinda late.