This year we are having Christmas Dinner at our house with Johnny’s parents & brother. We decided to make turkey & dressing ourselves instead of purchasing it pre-made. I would like to make a note that we have NEVER done this before. Truthfully we have never even watched anyone make it either. Growing up I was not the daughter in the kitchen watching our mother cook, that was Jen. My mom is now having to teach me how to cook now that I’m an adult.

With that said a few days ago I started looking up recipes online. We narrowed it down between two possible recipes to pick from to follow for the Turkey.

Option #1: Paula Deen’s Roasted Turkey

Looks so pretty & perfect. Totally seems doable and not too over the top for 1st Time Turkey Makers!

Option #2: The Perfect Turkey featured on allrecipes.com 

 Also very pretty. We are kinda leaning towards this recipe simply because of all of the wonderful reviews about it being perfectly moist & great.

The stuffing recipe we are going with (unless we change our minds tonight) is Paula Deen’s Chicken/Turkey Stuffing

We are pretty pumped about making the Christmas Dinner for our family. Kinda nervous about it, but excited. To be honest, I’ve gone back & forth thinking that it might be a little much for us to pull off because neither of us have even cooked a whole chicken let alone a 15 lb turkey. We shall see how this goes. ha!

Oh, so today I decided that we needed pretty dinner ware because it is Christmas Dinner! Our “nice plates” are the plates that Johnny had as a bachelor. They are nice but look very man-ish. If that’s a word. So we wanted new plates, took a look at Target, Khols, and a few other places & decided that we did not want to pay $3-10 per plate/dish. Also I have some really pretty Christmas china plates that we got for our wedding & I wanted something to match them but still be versatile for the rest of the year.

Therefore, I hit up the dollar tree in town & bought very nice plates, dishes, and glasses all for a $1. I think our tea will taste so much better while drinking it out of pretty glasses. The dollar also has coffee mugs that go with this set. Probably going to go back for those soon. It is crazy how perfect they match my christmas china. Take a Look at my loot! (Also found candles & a few other Turkey making essentials)

I’ll post pictures of our table when we are ready to enjoy our perfectly cooked Turkey & dressing…..lets hope it comes out edible!!

I’ll keep ya updated on this endeavor we are embarking on.