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This week has flown by for me. Johnny had Monday off so it made for a short week. Guess what?? The weekend is already around the corner. LOVE THAT! On Monday we textured our walls in the kitchen which took no time at all. However, we took down the last of the wallpaper in our home (which lived on 2 walls in our kitchen) back in October. Meaning that we have lived with 2 ugly walls for 3 months. Silly, when it only took one hour to texture it. Tomorrow night we start painting. I’ll post pictures later from that adventure when it is all done.

Anyhoo. Yesterday Noah and I had such a fun day! We spent nearly the whole day playing! Yes, that is what we usually do, but yesterday we didn’t run any errands or watch a movie/cartoon instead just played & stayed home.

In the morning I tried to convince Noah that drinking the tub water was a bad idea, he wasn’t having it. so i ran the faucet instead. : )

After some snuggle time & reading books in his nook, Noah played with his toys for over an hour while I read this book. This was a really good read. Heaven is for Real is a true story about a 4 year old little boy who visits Heaven while he is being operated on at a time when he was very sick. Over the course of a few years his entire supernatural experience is revealed to his parents. I have wanted to read this book for some time & then a friend let me borrow her copy back in early December but I didn’t get around to reading it until yesterday. I finished it today and was pleasantly surprised with the entire direction of the book. I have friends who are very skeptical about this little boy’s experience but I must say that if you haven’t read it you probably should because it will change your mind. I know many people doubt supernatural experiences with the Lord, but all I know is that I am not in a place in life that I feel that I can judge this boy & his family in regards to their relationship & experiences with the Lord. I know the wonderful life altering experiences I’ve had with the Lord, so who am I to doubt his? Instead, I am taking his beautiful accounts of heaven to be truth.

After some reading & playing time we went outside to EXPLORE!! So fun with a toddler! We did check out our shadows for some time. Noah was impressing me with his ability to play with our shadows for more than 5 minutes! Love this little boy!

We then played kick ball, played with sticks in the dirt, went for a long swing, took a drink break, sat in our chairs, ran around for a long time again, found some bugs, and after an hour we went in for a nap & I nearly finished my book. I am so blessed to the mommy to my Noah!!

I am so thankful for my time with my little Noah. i ADORE being a stay at home mommy. our little family has made some crazy spending cuts to our budget, but it is worth every fun trip not taken, or penny not spent going out to eat, movies, clothes yada yada so I can be at home. Sadly, with student loans sucking the life out of our bank account I am trying to find a small part time job somewhere. Been praying that I find one this week. I’ve applied at about 20 random places, mostly retail with the exception of a coffee shop or 2, so I’m hoping one will work out. I decided to not find a job in my field right now because I really don’t need to work anymore than 10 hours a week, and I don’t want to. God always works things out, so I’m excited to see what little job he might have for me.