Hello Friends!

It is interesting how a week can feel as if it is so busy but yet I barely did much of anything. Monday night was the first, Java after Jammies! I thought it would be great to just get together with other moms in our church & possibly the community to hang out, talk, and get a little break from mommyhood. It was a fun time! Looking forward to next week.

Then the next morning I had an appointment with the dentist. Yuck! Really feel like I’m walking into a torture chamber each time I visit a dentist.

I arrived 5 minutes early, sat with my book that I’m re-reading (bc it is great!) called re-shaping it all, pretended not to notice all of the horribly behaved children, waited for 45 minutes in this ironically comfy chair (for the 3’rd time this month) to be told I need a root canal!! Yep not a filling like told before, but a root canal! Oh my! Pretty sure my blood pressure might have spiked due to the thought of all the pain & the financial hit a root canal will be taking. A root canal is 4-6 times the amount of a filling w/o insurance. Anyhoo.. hopefully sooner rather than later I can have this procedure done.

After my appointment I went home to my little Noah to find him quickly getting more & more sick. Sunday evening he started to act kinda sick and was unable to sleep without me holding him that night & the next. Tuesday afternoon we were able to be squeezed into the doctors schedule in the afternoon. Noah took a break from being sick to look @ the fish!

It brightened up his day for sure. We waited & waited & then waited some more… listened to a Nurse call for a Nathaniel about 5 times… then realized perhaps they pulled the wrong chart?? Yep! Noah’s chart was never pulled, but a Nathaniel’s was! Ugh. For the sake of the staff I’m thankful that Johnny & I are patient people & didn’t say a single thing about waiting an hour to be called in even as every other person went in before us. Sooo 2 hours later, we found out that Noah has his first ear & throat infection. I made a quick trip to the pharmacy to grab his meds and then home.

Yesterday was a crazy long day for me because of a combination of many things. I only got about 5 total hours of sleep Sunday&Monday so by Tuesday I was feeling like I was in a haze. Lack of sleep can cause me to become very emotional. Guess that is better than mean or grumpy huh? Not to mention that finding out that Noah needing to visit the doctor & myself needing a root canal all in one day is a bit stressful especially when you see just how much a root canal can cost ya! Good grief are they putting gold in my mouth or what? Insane!! Excuse the venting, but I’m just having trouble digesting what I will be shelling out to simply get my tooth fixed.

Thankfully, last night Noah was able to lay down at about 12:30…giving me 7 hours of sleep!! Woohoo!! So Today Noah & I cleaned out the cabinets & all of the drawers in our kitchen! I’ll post pictures tomorrow or Friday of our little adventure. Here is a sneak peek of the big mess that we had going on.

Noah was instantly in heaven with every pot/bowl/pan/cup pulled out of our cabinets today. Today was a good day to tackle this because he was so weak that he just wanted to lay on the couch & watch “bubbles” (bubble guppies) & “jorj” (curious george). I had to take a break so I could love on him & hold him most of the day but I finished up after he went to bed tonight.

I need to go hop in bed just incase tonight turns into a long one again. It is already after 12 but I wanted to spend some time with the Lord & then decided to get on here & write about my day. I am so thankful that regardless of how overwhelming things can be sometimes that God is my provider. God is the provider for my family. I am so blessed to have a husband who loves me & Noah so much to work like he does to take care of us. However, God is our ultimate provider in every sense of the word, He provides! Every single time I have needed the Lord, He was right there.