3 Things to Share

1. Last week I organized the pantries in our kitchen & I am happy to report that they are still organized. It hasn’t been hard either, even for a very unorganized lady like myself. I really am unorganized. Always have been, oh well, all I can do is work to improve, right? That’s right!

Above is the only before & after I took, left is before. But the rest of the cabinets were packed full of plastic & an excess of cups & things. Now they are all neat & way less junky.

Now everything is so neat, clean, & has its own perfect place! Way more functional too. I got rid of SO MUCH STUFF! That really was my issue, i just had stuff that i didn’t use that often & decided I could really do without it. All my containers are w/lids!

I got rid of a ton of mugs, almost all (but 2 @ request of Johnny) of the plastic cups, and  now the bottom right is our coffee center int the mornings. Works GREAT! This spring we will be painting inside & outside of the cabinets & fixing them up with new knobs.

2. The last few weeks I’ve been working on items to be sold in my Etsy shop! I opened an etsy shop nearly a year ago, right before I moved to complete my internship, it was horrible timing. I had ZERO time to do anything but eat, sleep, love on Noah, work, homework, class, projects, papers, & graduate! It was a blast to be creative in different ways. I have a whole new respect for people who make jewelry & anything hand sewn that has tons of detail. Good grief it’s time consuming. I hope to have it up and going by this time next week. Lots of cute stuff coming!

3. Had to share a sweet picture of my little Noah. Sunday after church I picked him up from nursery, he quickly made his way to find his daddy putting up things on stage, and then this…. look for the tiny little toddler kneeling between the drums & guitars…He just sat there for a good amount of time while we talked with friends & Johnny finished up some stuff. We had never seen him do it before, but he spends a good amount of time at the church so I guess he knows what to do. It was pretty sweet & funny that I had to snap a picture.

Love this sweet little boy. He makes my heart happy!

~~Happy Wednesday Friends ~~