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Do you ever have specific moments of time in your life that you can literally feel God doing something wonderful within you? I love feeling the beauty of the Lord creating new things within me. I know He is forming me into the woman He has called me to be.

The last several months God has taken me to such sweet places with Him. I love when He reminds me of just how sweet and precious He is, in life. I can truly say He has never left me. He never does. He never will.

Confession. This past year, there was about a 6 month period where I just felt like God wasn’t hearing me. I felt that maybe He wasn’t there…that I was missing Him in someway… He wasn’t responding when I would cry out… He couldn’t hear me…I would feel lonely because I was missing Him in the way that I am so use to. I felt that He was gone. I was waiting…

The truth is is that He is always there. The truth is, I was not. I was missing. I was not going after Him. I failed to pursue Him at times. I stopped hearing His voice clearly. I closed my ears as He would speak into my heart. I shut my eyes tightly as He would bring His plans right before me. I became satisfied with my relationship with Him. Stopping. Standing still. Waiting, but not responding.

The truth… I did not want to hear what He had to say.


In November, the Lord started calling me out. I decided to truly listen to Him instead of continuing to talk over Him. It is good to be still, when you are truly listening. Last week during some alone time in prayer & worship He spoke so clearly to my heart. During those 6 months of talking over the voice of the Lord I stopped pursuing Him. True pursuit. I stopped seeking His Heart. His will. His plans. His thoughts. His ways.

I still had a relationship with God. Just not the type of relationship He desired for me to have. I still served the Lord & felt His presence. Just not at the depth He had for me.

Instead I just sat in the relationship that I already had with Him. Stayed in the plans that I wanted Him to have for me. I was satisfied. But that isn’t what God wants from me. or anyone. Instead He wants my heart to be full. When My heart is full, it overflows. In the overflow of my heart, God can use me (my life) the way He desires. Instead of regretting the time lost, I now listen closely – hearing every word spoken to me – to follow through, to become the heart He has called me to be. 

The struggle for me during those 6 months was the follow through. Following through when He clearly told me what steps to take. Instead of taking the steps He had for me, I took my own.

the beautiful thing above living in the overflow of our hearts is that as we truly live it out He begins to give us the desires of our hearts.