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I love spending time in the word, drinking coffee, wearing sparkling comfy shoes (that use to belong to my sister) in the grass outside on beautiful days. I rarely sit outside and read the word just because it is hard to keep up with Noah & keep my train of thought outside. However, on Mondays & Wednesdays he spends time at Mothers Day Out. So a new habit has started this morning. Enjoying it.

For a long time I didn’t post about what God is speaking to me through His word or take pictures of it…. to be honest, I’m not sure why other than I thought perhaps some might think it is silly. Kinda odd, when He is the number one thing in my life & is continually on my mind & speaking to me but yet I was worried about others thinking I’m silly. Now THAT is just silly. I am SO encouraged & enjoy seeing what God is doing in others lives so why not reciprocate.

Lately I can NOT get away from reading in Psalm. As I’ve been praying for sweet people in my life this last week I just started praying the words in psalm over their life. The word is some powerful stuff. Psalm 145: 1-7 & 11-14 & 18-19 are the promises that make my heart so grateful & happy today.

ps. my friend karlie gave me Kari Jobe’s newest CD last week & I am crazy for the song, Savior is Here. the last minute is amazingly good!!! Click here for a link. 

I often write out lyrics to worship songs that our my favorite… these are the lyrics from the song. Go take a listen to the song.