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Look as these cute little babies!! These are two of Noah’s cousins, Elliot & Sammy.

Johnny’s sister Preslie & her hubby Bobby came to visit a few weeks ago & we had the chance to spend the weekend with them at Johnny’s parents house. We also celebrated Christmas in February, which was nice. Preslie is so talented & can make just about anything. One of the things she made for me was this really cute little zipper pouch. She made Johnny a leather ipad case that can also carry his bible & a few other things. OH MY and she gave me a sewing lesson as she made these cute little pajamas pants for Noah, I’ll have to post a picture of those later.

This is Johnny with his sister & brother Mike.


This last week went by so quickly. While Noah & I had such a good time playing outside & enjoying this wonderful weather (Yes he is wearing pajama bottoms) his daddy was hanging around inside the church, LITERALLY!

 Our friend Andrew sent this picture to me & my heart started beating a little faster. I’m sure he was extra prayed up. lol

Yesterday Johnny’s dad had the chance to drop by while traveling for business. Poppa got lots of sweet hugs & kisses. Noah was asking where Nana was. Noah started to not feel so good & was running a fever & just incredibly restless. Last night was a bit rough but today he seems to be feeling better. This morning Noah & I were suppose to head to my parents house for a week but with the lack of sleep last night I decided to wait until in the morning in the hopes that we can both get some sleep.

This morning we went to a furniture store & a few thrift shops in an effort to be out & a bout. Yesterday I did not leave the house once. ha! With Noah not feeling well, I didn’t notice it until late last night when I was feeling antsy.This kid seriously adores his daddy! Although at times I feel like he wants Johnny a little more than me, it is the most precious thing to watch when we are out because he wants to do EVERYTHING with his daddy and just like his daddy. The way he looks at Johnny you can tell he thinks his daddy hung the moon. It makes my heart smile.

Heres to a great weekend ahead ~brit