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My Day In Pictures

Love my little Noah 

My mom & i went to this wonderful vintage shop down the road. This place was incredible. The entire place was a cross between west elm, pier one, and world market. It was pretty great. WAY out of my price range, but a wonderful place to dream & get inspiration. 

This kid cracks me up. ALL week he’s been sitting like this.

Today my parents had automatic blinds installed into the top 3 windows in their living room (their ceilings are crazy high) to easily block out some sunshine during the day. Noah was so excited but very scared at the same time.

He is so precious, he continually tries to explain that the man came with a ladder & put them up saying, “man ladder cool”.

Today I got my hair cut….

I had 7 inches cut off! Craziness. I was in desperate need for a hair cut. I enjoyed it being long & a little darker, but was ready for a little change. Since we’ve moved I have been unable to find anyone that I really like, so I waited & waited to get it done until I finally just got it done where I use to live.

time to sleep, good night.