Yesterday we piled into the tiny Yaris to travel to celebrate with a sweet couple who is getting married tonight. So this morning I have a choice to make; Sugar coat our traveling adventures or to be honest in saying that lately when you put the 3 of us in our tiny little car you are asking for glimpses into scenes from a war movie. HA. Okay, it’s not THAT bad, but for a couple who can count on one hand how many times they have fought in our nearly 5 years of being together, it isn’t fun.

Each time we travel the trip starts out lovely. Holding hands, Noah talking so cute in the back, and music serenading our car ride. However, the last few months when we travel in the Yaris (it only seems to be in the Yaris, probably because it is so tiny) we tend to have a much less enjoyable trip. Yesterday it was storming pretty bad the entire 4 hours making me a bit of a crazy lady back seat driver. I’ll admit it, yes I am a total back seat driver. This is probably because I am one of the most cautious people when I drive. I abide by all of the laws & when it rains I’m the one that pulls over to wait or I go 40 until it stops.

Whereas my hubby likes to go 80 at all times and 70 to be kind to me when it rains. His posture is always relaxed and rarely are two hands on the wheel at the same time. He enjoys noticing every land mark along the way with long stares that make me worry as he slightly veers off the road. So finally after the two of us realized that we were getting under the others skin & slightly losing sight of Jesus, we decided to have a grown up time out. Noah was sleeping so we both put on our own headphones & listened to our music of choice. These were my traveling tunes during our grown up time out. 

After an hour into our time out we discussed our feelings & apologized & quickly made up. Our “fights” don’t last long & we quickly make up. Later in the night, we went to the rehearsal for the wedding later today. The place they are getting married is one of my favorite places to go. It is a beautiful rose garden with several lovely spots to tie the knot. My sister & her hubby were married here too. I just love the inside of the chapel. Looking up… 

So pretty.

At the rehearsal dinner at Yums downtown. After some great food we picked out a yummy dessert. My choice was krazy cookie dough bluebell ice cream. Johnny had some gelato.

Happy Saturday!