This last week was spring break so I decided to take a little break from my blog. Today is Monday & I really have so much excitement about today for many reasons. Java after Jammie’s, gym, starting projects, MDO resumes, College Small Group, excited about what God’s been speaking to my heart all last week, ready to finish reading Circle Makers & Start a New BOOK!!! Also, I totally just cleaned up the house in less than 20 minutes, before 9 am, woke up at 8:15, got dressed & poured me a cup of coffee! That is totally a Celebratory Moment my friends. Especially if your a momma! I did a “woohoo” aloud alone in my house after the task was completed.

Noah didn’t have Mothers Day Out last week & Johnny’s mom got to come up for part of the week because she was off from teaching.

We really enjoyed her being here & are already looking forward to the next time she can come back. We played outside, grilled, and just hung out. It broke my heart a bit when she left because Noah continued to ask for Nana all day long! Oh my! Anytime we leave any of the grandparents it is this way for a few days. P.S. Check out my babies red hair! 🙂

To distract him we went outside to play the rest of the day. This past week has been amazing outside here in Texas. I am taking advantage of the nice fresh air before summer comes around the corner.

Some friends were camping all week at the lake nearby so we went out twice in the evening to hang out. We had such a good time. Makes me miss living near water. I grew up in Palacios and lived in San Marcos for some time & just really miss it!

Noah thought he was in heaven the whole time! Loved every minute of it! We love being outside & any chance we can be near water we take it.

Going to go now & enjoy the next few hours hanging out solo on the back porch. To be honest last week I struggled with setting aside a time to have alone time with the Lord. I am feeling it now. So thankful that this morning I can have some quiet time & finish up a book. Last week my mother in law was sharing with me the things that God is doing in her life right now. In the process she told me about a book, Live Dead, she is going through. It is more of a devotional. I can not wait to start it! Check it out. It is truly a life challenging & changing read.

Happy Monday.