52 List for 52 Weeks

I have decided to start a project of writing 52 list for 52 weeks. Yes that is correct, One List per Week for the entire next year! Several months ago I came across a blog here that I have enjoyed reading. Kellie, the author had a very fun feature that she was just about to begin on her blog, 52 list for 52 weeks. I thought the idea would be so much fun. However, with school & my internship & life I did not have a moment to spare…. UNTIL NOW!

So, really – what woman does not do the list? I make at least one a week to be posted to the fridge. Then I make about 5 in my head throughout the week that never reach pen & paper.

List are fun & hopefully are a way to get a few things accomplished throughout the week. In class I would doodle an array of list (with pictures) of randomness in the margins of my social work books & notepads. Most times I would make list as a way to remind myself of the things that needed to be done or of things I wanted to do. Instead of writing list in text books I have made  a lovely fabric covered journal for all my list to go into at home.


My desire is that these list are a little different than my “normal” doodling lists of pantry supplies needed or housework to complete. My objective for this project is to make lists that in a year from now I can read over to learn things about myself that I may currently be unaware of. I want my lists to reveal an overall theme of some kind regarding me as an individual. The idea is that my lists will remind me of things about myself that I may have forgotten exist. The past few weeks I can not seem to escape the concept of living out my authentic self. Meaning, often I believe that people (obviously, myself included) get caught up in daily life that we forget who we are aside from our chores, spouses, children, current events, friends, work, the places where we live etc.  This is not a bad thing, but it is just a little sad. Life is too short to not be your authentic self. Many people struggle with questioning how people may react to the true you; Your real thoughts, opinions, humor, reactions in life…. I see many friends/acquaintances struggle to find their authentic self so instead they adopt someone else’s personality traits, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and actions. This is very disheartening and because of witnessing so many fall into that trap I have decided to begin this project. I hope if you are reading, that you take on this 52 list for 52 weeks challenge to embark on finding your authentic self.

Each week I will post a new list. I will give myself an entire week to contribute to my list. I made a long list of possible topics I might want to list during the next year. Perhaps each week I will simply pick one from the list below or I might go off the cuff to make a new list topic for the week. We shall see. There is not a certain number that I am trying to list to. Some weeks it may just be 4 things listed others may end up being a 100.

 Click here to view my listography.The only rules I have for my project is to be true to me. True to my life. True to my future. To have fun & enjoy the lists.

Hope You Enjoy Reading! I will enjoy writing!


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