List #13 House Resolutions

Besides my personal new years resolutions Johnny & I have “House Resolutions” for our home. Our Home is a continual work in progress to become our perfect little place. Our style is a vintage/cottage/french feel, but we didn’t know that it was until a few months ago. Our style has slowly evolved over the last several months and here & there we noticed that “oh we like this” and “oh that is perfect for us” and all of those things that we loved are vintage/cottage/french vibe. I’m kinda glad that it is easy to DIY things in this style. 🙂

Over the last year we have performed many face lifts to our little home. This new year will be no different! So…….here is the list….

List #13 House Resolutions:

  1. Buy/Make Curtains for Both Living Room Areas
  2. Pull up carpet in the front sitting room
  3. Make a rug for our front room
  4. Buy/Re purpose two single sitting chairs for front room
  5. Work towards getting a couch for front room or find one cheap to buy
  6. make patio furniture from pallets
  7. Paint front room
  8. paint desk in craft room
  9. get window treatment for tiny kitchen window
  10. paint a piece of art for the empty space above Noah’s crib
  11. new window treatment for Noah’s window
  12. Buy a closet organizing system for our tiny little closet
  13. Make side tables for our bedrooms or the living room
  14. paint the cherry wood entry wood table
  15. make plate collection art for above cherry table
  16. get a piano for our front room (restore or paint it)
  17. Give our kitchen cabinets a much needed face lift (paint, new knobs, take off two of the doors)
  18. organize the inside of all cabinets (oh my my dishes are so unorganized, ha!)
  19. Fill in our front room shelves with lovely items
  20. Look into the cost of built in shelves for living room (probably be next year before this gets done)
  21. try to find a hutch, china cabinet, or SOMETHING/ANYTHING for our huge empty space in the kitchen. lol.


I am giving myself 5 things on this list to omit if financial reasons make it impossible to complete, gotta be realistic. Life happens



Don’t ya just love list!!!?? I know I sure do!


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