Week 1: Things I Love

Monday, September 26

  • kisses on my cheek from my sweet man
  • Rain – pouring rain
  • creative moments that last a life time
  • being wide awake, late in the night, making a list while Johnny sleeps next to me.
  • running in the cool air with my ponytail whipping around as it keeps up with me
  • bacon (yes, believe it or no I use to be a vegan! ha!)
  • Fabric
  • Friends (TV Show – I laugh hysterically, w/o fail w/every episode)
  • Butterflies in my tummy – keeps me young!
  • skinny tall vanilla latte from starbucks
  • unexpected hugs & kisses from my little Noah
  • the phrase, “i really like you”
  • Lists. bring me to …..
  • writing. I am good at it and it is freeing beyond belief.
  • driving solo w/windows down & a great song blaring!
  • a new pair of jeans… before they get stretched out.
  • freedom
  • Noah’s facial expressions.
  • the 1st sip of Johnny’s drinks. lol
  • upcycling
  • my relationship w/my momma
  • Water … lake, ocean, bay, springs, rivers, falls…
  • standing on my own two feet
  • trying something new
  • thinking outside of the box
  • never being scared to try something that most wouldn’t do or don’t understand.
  • sushi, YUM!!
  • Avocados (although i usually misspell them)
  • photography
  • traveling
  • peoples stories…. life..love..loss… expectations …
  • felt.
  • talks with my daddy
  • strawberries
  • walking around a busy downtown street, w/lots of shops!
  • live music
  • snuggling with my little Noah
  • laughing & being ridiculous with my family
  • snorkeling
  • leisurely bike rides
  • mild forms of PDA
  • roller bladding
  • michaels (the craft store)
  • the coffee shop in san marcos
  • airports
  • college life
  • silence
  • bus tram rides
  • christmas morning with my entire family
  • that “skinny” feeling every morning
  • home interior design books & websites
  • living in the same town as my family
  • sitting on the back porch
  • bookstores (any&all)
  • holy spirit
  • sweaters (i really do love them)
  • massages
  • school supply section each august
  • fresh, clean, cold, air!
  • pea coats
  • sarcasm (most people don’t get mine. ha!)
  • laughing til i cry w/my momma
  • sunday naps
  • chick flicks
  • painting
  • going on dates

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