Week 10: Favorite Things I Own

The Holiday season is HERE! I like this time of year, but I’m not crazy fanatical about it. However, I have kinda been getting more into the holiday season this year more than I have in a few years probably because we have a place that we are settled in & it is ours so I have a desire to decorate it more than I did the last 4 places we’ve lived.

Something I am kinda thinking about doing this year is hosting a “Favorite Things Party”. I’m sure everyone has seen the show, “Oprah’s favorite things, Christmas Special” where she gives away cars, trips, and $500 pieces of clothing. Well, this isn’t that kinda party but it is the same concept but on like a Target/Dollar Store/Homemade kinda budget. Still fun but just way more practical.

So these are not necessarily my favorite things, but they are my favorite things that I own.

Week 10: Favorite Things I Own

1. Lauren Conrad Jeans (I’ve bought two pairs both on sale for under $20) They are the best fit!

2. my dorothy red pumps

3. blue pumps (they hold special meaning bc I purchased them when Johnny & I were just barely getting to know one another & it was the first purchase I made after my life totally changed)

4. Little yellow ducky in my car, also has so much special meaning to me.

5. My bunny that I named “Cotton”. My dad traveled often when I was growing up & when I was probably 4, he came back from a trip to California with two identical bunnies. One for me & one for Jen. I held the ears back on mine every night as I would sleep so my bunnies as a result the ears lay flat back but Jen’s flop just a bit. Sweet memories.

6. My samantha doll. My baby doll that I carried around everywhere when I was little. My papaw drew makeup on her face for me. 🙂

7. a few pieces of fabric, some brooches, and a clutch that my Grandma gave to me one summer. We would go stay with my grandparents nearly every summer when I was a kid (they lived in PA & us in Texas) so to spend more time with her after my grandpa passed I would sleep in her room with her. One night we set up really late & talked and she gave me a few of her things. Those items are so special & I often pull them out to look at them.

8. My engagement ring. Johnny did such a perfect job picking it out for me.

9. victoria secret’s lip gloss. worth the $7.50 for that tiny little bottle.

10. my Bible that i’ve had since I was about 11 years old. that thing is so worn out. I have a grown up Bible, but I still use my pre teen Bible all the time because it is written all over & i love it.

Ten seems like a good number to go to.




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