Week 14: My Favorite Songs & Artists

So I am about 2 weeks late on this list, but that is okay. It was a pretty hectic last two weeks, so what are ya gonna do? CATCH UP! So that is what I’m doing.

Tonight I am watching this cool station that we just discovered on television that is hosting an hour segment on the Plain White T’s. This band is kinda known for one song in particular, Hey There Delilah, that was  everywhere several years ago. This song was very catchy & I’m not sure if it is really one of my favorite songs but i like it and it got me thinking about all of my favorite songs. Writing down all of my favorite songs is kinda hard, because a lot of times I have so many favorite songs by an artist/band that trying to pick ONE song of theirs is kinda hard… so I’m going to include artists/bands too!

Before the list, you should know that I grew up on music. all kinds. i might be a preachers daughter but my mom & daddy listened to every genre of music growing up, which has given me such an appreciation for music. i remember listening to records in the living room with my mom & daddy dancing around as we all sang along. my sister would play the piano and I would dance around & sing for what seemed like forever. my sister & i would sing in church often. took piano lessons & sang for school choir. went to music camps. my mom & I always ALWAYS sing on trips in the car that last 30 mins plus. on the weekends my dad would hook up an amp & microphones & we would sing worship songs or make up songs in the living room. my brother & dad always sing and play their guitars. so thankful for sweet memories.

Now, I am married to a worship pastor. ha! go figure! So music is a big part of my life still. we are raising our son (& future daughters & sons) to love music just as much, if not more, than we do. Johnny can play pretty much any instrument you give to him. He often surprises me by just jumping on an instrument and playing it. I write little jingles for my family on a daily basis. johnny & will occasionally write songs together. we hope to start writing more music together.

life is sweet. my heart is full.

Week 14: My Favorite Songs & Artists

  1. Bruce Springsteen – Secret Garden
  2. hotel california – the eagles
  3. boston
  4. maroon 5
  5. kim walker
  6. john mayer
  7. johnny cash
  8. stevie wonder
  9. jason upton  – run baby run (the song that God spoke to me through as he confirmed to me that I was called into ministry. this is the song that i seem to automatically go to the first moment that I begin to need some encouragement of where he wants me to go/be at)
  10. Jason upton – Faith (the song that brought me through some very dark days back in 2007/2008)
  11. Jason upton – will of God. incredible song!
  12. U2
  13. Florence & the Machine
  14. Feist
  15. carly simon – your so vein (mom & i would sing this so many times coming home from shopping trips & grocery trips when we lived an hour from the store. we would have so much fun being silly!! still do)
  16. Barry White – Can’t get enough of your love baby
  17. mandy moore – the wild hope cd
  18. rachel yamagata
  19. Shane & Shane
  20. damien rice – o album in particular
  21. ray lamontagne
  22. catherine mullins
  23. david crowder band
  24. Colbie Caillat
  25. Gungor
  26. Jack Johnson
  27. Johnny W. Worship.
  28. jeff deyo – bless the lord
  29. landon pigg – falling in love at a coffee shop
  30. yael naim
  31. bebo norman – a page is turned
  32. passion worship
  33. one republic
  34. elli young band
  35. jeremy riddle (in particular with bethel worship)
  36. at last – etta james
  37. intimacy – jonathan david helser
I am positive that I am leaving songs & artists/bands out of this list (by mistake) but for now this is my list. Music is such a big part of my life. As it is for so many.
Some worship artist have such an anointing on them that as their music begins to play you can instantly feel the presence of the Lord.  Just the lyrics to worship songs have enough power in them to welcome the Lord. There is nothing like getting LOST, totally & completely in worship. This is why Worship is my favorite genre of music.
There are songs that can take me back to a moment in time of great importance, sadness, disbelief, happiness, joy, and excitement. The beauty of songs is that they have the power to literally take me back to a memory that was made 8 years ago… somehow I can smell what the air was like that day, my feelings are instantly stirred up, and whatever emotion associated with those lyrics & melodies come forth. It is incredibly amazing yet bittersweet all in one.
are there any songs that you love to hear because they bring you back to a specific moment in time??????

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