Week 7: Most Memorable Outdoor Adventures

I am currently 3 weeks behind on my lists. I have made the list but totally forgot to post them. So here it goes to catching up 🙂

For this post I decided to list all of the most memorable outdoor adventures to date. These adventures are things that I enjoy doing still, did once but haven’t had the opportunity to do again, are a regular activity, or that I at least tried to do but was not the biggest fan of resulting in them being memorable, ha! Hope I can look back on it in a year from now and realize a few things I want to do again!

Week 7: Most Memorable Outdoor Adventures

1. Attempting to waterski for the first time when i was 16

2. Snow Skiing (I still enjoy this)

3. Rollerblading (recently took this hobby up again)

4. Parasailing

5. Four Wheeling is always fun

6. Snorkeling in crystal clear waters

7. scuba diving for the first time in aggieland with a random person in my scuba class as my partner, that was interesting!

8. Diving in mexico for the first time

9. riding mopeds for hours and hours

10. camping in a tiny tent in freezing weather

11. rock climbing

12. bungee jumping

13. Zip Lining

14. riding in speed boats

15. wondering the streets of nyc ministering to people

16. walking in The Call 2010 @5 months preggo

17. Being out in the bay kayaking & realizing that a hurricane is about to blow in

18. Kayaking after classes


These are some of my favorite outdoor adventures that I’ve had so far. can’t wait for more to come 🙂


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