Week 8: 15 Reasons I Love being a Stay @Home Mommy to my little Noah

I chose to only list 15 Reasons I Love being a Stay @ Home Mommy to my little Noah, because 15 is a smaller number than the endless amount of reasons why I love being a stay @home mommy to him!!! There are some days that are hard, but most days I am in LOVE with Staying at home with my little man. Every day I just seem to fall more in Love with my little boy more than the day before.

He is so much fun to watch play outside!

I love taking time to watch him play with his little cars. I am thankful that I enjoy watching him play more than I enjoy having a perfectly clean home. I know I will never get this time back with him. The dishes can wait while memories are made.

Playing Hide and Seek!

Week 8: 15 Reasons I Love About Being a Stay @ Home Mommy to my Little Noah:

1. I love waking up to his sweet little noises in the morning. Sometimes talking to his animals, reading his books, singing with his elephant, or whimpering “mommy”.

2. I really enjoy opening his bedroom door to see his little cute self sitting there ready for me to pick him up & cuddle with him for twenty minutes before our day begins.

3. Nearly every morning we have breakfast together.

4. I melt every time he gives me hugs when I don’t ask for them.

5. His little tiny kisses (each with the “smack” sound) make me tear up on most occasions.

6. I love driving down the road with him the back seat singing me songs or saying “go go go”

7. I adore how much he loves his daddy!

8. He loves to hold my hand when he is feeling shy in a new place.

9. he is the BEST cuddler. He will cuddle for hours and hours in my lap!

10. I love that he has taught me to not be so selfish.

11. I love watching his face when he gets excited about something new for the first time.

12. He has the spunkiest personality I have ever seen in a baby & now as a toddler. He is so full of life & personality that it continues to amaze me every day.

13. He has my eyes. I love that!

14. I love that I find his pacifiers, cars, and the spices under my dresser & in the bathroom drawers.

15. I love that every day he gives me a million more reasons to love him.


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