Week 9: 26 Reasons to Have a Thankful Heart

I turned 26 years young this past Friday! I really don’t “feel” 26, but what is 26 suppose to feel like anyway? I still feel like I should be 23!

Anyhoo, in honor of Thanksgiving & my 26th birthday I decided to list 26 Reasons for me to have a thankful heart! I really am so very thankful for my life. I know that with out Jesus Christ I would not be where I am today. Life can definitely take us on a journey that has some twist & turns here and there that we don’t expect, but in every little step I want to be thankful!

To be honest, sometimes I catch myself thinking, “Oh I would like to get this for my house” or “oh I would like to go here” or “I wish I could see my mom or sister today” instead of being thankful for what I do have in my house, where I do get to go, and the time I do get to spend with my family. God has challenged me in this area the last few weeks so it is most appropriate that I list these reasons that I have a thankful heart!

These are in no particular order, rather they are randomly listed.


Week 9: 26 Reasons to Have a Thankful Heart:

1. My Life that I am so blessed to Live every single day

2. My personal relationship with God.

3. My salvation. I am saved by grace every single day. I do not deserve the salvation that Jesus Christ gave me. Thankfully I am HIS!

3.  the Sweet man in my life who is truly wonderful to me

4. cute little boy that I get to be a mommy to

5. a mother who is my best friend. that means so much.

6. my daddy, who is the best!

7. sweet sister. really miss her!!! I love her little family so much!

8. robert kyle. my brother is really one of my best friends.

9. sweet in laws & family. I know that some people are not blessed with wonderful in laws, but praise God I AM!!

10. friends that care.

11. our house. our 1st house is just perfect. so thankful for this blessing!

12. my husband’s job.

13. our cars.

14. hot water… even if we can only take 6 minute showers, I’m thankful for those 6 minutes for a hot shower!

15. a creative mind.

16. freedom to worship. we may live in America, where we get the choice of where we worship, but so many people in church today truly do not have freedom in their worship. they are bound. I am FREE & Thankful in Jesus Christ!

17.  our backyard. I enjoy laying a blanket out & letting Noah run around during the day.

18. books. i have come to love reading the last year more than ever before.

19. my education. it was a beautiful journey.

20. every single place i’ve lived.

21. the adventures I have had in life that most never get the opportunity to have.

22. coffee. the last 4 months, I have come to love coffee & am thankful for it!

23. my health. I am thankful I serve a God that is my healer!

24. Joy, Peace, & Patience. I am thankful I have these…without them life would be full of ugly arguments, ugliness in my heart, and poor relationships in my life. SO THANKFUL for these!

25. chocolate. yes it is true. I love chocolate.

26. sushi. I don’t have it enough, but man i am thankful for it!


There is a much longer a list of reasons I am thankful, but 26 is the number I am listing!

You should list your own!




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