About These Happy Times

Welcome to my blog! I am Brittany. Next to me is my sweetheart,  Johnny.

I am blessed to be married to my best friend. We have one little boy that we adore, Noah Landon. Noah is such a joy to our lives & there is never a dull moment with his little self around. I love being Noah’s mommy, there is so much joy in my life because he is my little boy.

The past few years of our life have been a little crazy with many challenges that we have had to overcome. However, very recently it has finally all slowed down to a “normal” pace. I graduated in August of 2011 with my degree in Social Work, have had a few job offers at agencies in the area, but I have decided to be a stay @home mommy, enjoy being a wife, and follow a few other creative outlets in life.

Currently I am in love with all things pretty, lovely, lace, yarn, felt, flowers, hot glue, repurposing, fabric, art, and any avenue that allows me to be creative. This blog tends to primarily be about adventures in life with my boys, being in ministry (my husband is a Worship Pastor), and finding pleasure in creating beautiful things.

To learn more about my handsome man & myself click the tab above, “A Love Story.” I’ll give you a quick run down on our life over the past few years…

In the last 2 1/2 years we got married, I jumped into youth ministry with both feet, three months into our newlywed bliss we were ecstatic to find out I was pregnant, started a college ministry at the local College, a few days before our 1 year wedding anniversary Noah came into our life, we moved 4 times, took a new position in ministry, said a very sad farewell to wonderful students whom we love & miss, commuted 8 hours for five months with a newborn & me in school, I graduated with my degree in Social Work, we moved away from our families to a town where we knew one family, we said goodbye to sweet friends, and we just bought a house! whew! That is a lot!

These days we enjoy every moment and be sure to breathe, relax, have fun, & live LIFE to the BEST of our abilities! We really love to have fun & be silly!

I hope you enjoy some pieces from my life. Thanks for stopping by & please say hello!


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