Barnwood into a Head Board


When we 1st moved into our home we chose to use the biggest room (without a private bathroom) for our bedroom.

Over time we have realized we really wanted the private bathroom connected to our room…

the only problem was that this was the room/bathroom combo awaiting us….

yuck! an empty ugly room

and an equally ugly bathroom with our randomness in it..that didn’t match… placed wherever.. ha!

In the meantime, with supervision from our little Noah, we gradually took up carpet in the room, painted, cleaned, and got creative for the headboard.

I actually found a great idea for a head board, made from barn wood.

love it!

Johnny was chatting with a friend @church about the idea I found for our headboard. His friend volunteered his sander & some barn wood that he was not going to be using.

( he looked @us like we were crazy for wanting to clean/make a headboard with the old barn wood)

The wood before…

 after we cleaned it Johnny scrubbed it, sanded it, and built a headboard!

 Next we mounted on our wall in our room that is freshly painted with new curtains

 Yes, we still need new pillows & other things for the room including some personal art work & prints we are working on

Slowly but surely the room is coming together just the way we like it 🙂


that we are taking our time & creating things for our home rather than buying everything new that we place in it.

Other fun tidbits about the room:

* this is the 1st bedspread we bought as a couple! *

* the curtains are actually shower curtains *

(much less expensive but are a great fabric!)

*The lamp is in the process of being recovered with fun colors! *

* our room is not really this small, but i had dirty laundry at the bottom of the picture HA so i cropped it off *


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