Take a Book & make it a Hand Bag

Several months ago I saw a fun tutorial online that featured a book turned into a cute clutch. I loved the idea & saved the idea in my head! I’ve been searching for the link to repot here but currently can’t seem to find it! So I’ll share my version of it & post her link as soon as I find it!

Johnny & I made a trip to one of our favorite thrift shops in town & I scooped up a

.25 cent book (no offense Gary & Dr. Greg)

+ a .50 cent old clutch (that I cleaned out & sanitized very well)


1) Take off the book cover, cut out the papers with the husbands very sharp pocket knife (be sure to save, read, & then upcycle pages), and dust off the book to leave you with …

2) the really fun part is to then pick out your fabric. I had some funky fabric left over from another project I was working on @the time & used some of it.

3) Be sure to take your ruler out to measure exactly the size plus an inch needed to cover your book.

4) Grab your trusty Mod Podge & go to town on the outside of your book, press the fabric on, lay out any wrinkles & air pockets, flip over, & wait for it to dry (15 or so min)

5) Mod Podge the extra inch or so of fabric on the inside of the book (sorry no pictures)

6.) After the Mod Podge complete dries then grab the powerful E-6000 glue

** this stuff comes out CRAZY FAST * and is extremely strong in smell & works well **

(I started using it and made the BIG MISTAKE of squeezing the middle of the tube, Do NOT do this because it is a never ending spew of glue)

7) Glue your clutch down in to the book, put it under something very heavy for 24 hours, then look @ it and admire the cuteness

 Have Fun & Gift it a Try!



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