DIY Vanity

Nearly a year ago we went on a hunt for a desk for my (at the time) just getting started craft room. I was slowly getting stuff & needed a place to store it. This was perfect at the time, but now have out grown it & decided to make it into a vanity for our room. It is very solid & was about $25.

Look at how tiny our little Noah was, CRAZY! He was maybe a year old. Oh, my. that kinda makes my heart a little sad. Growing up so quickly.

Back to the desk… I didn’t want to paint the desk just yet or paint a design on it because I wasn’t certain where it would end up. Although, Johnny did sand down the top of it the day we got it because I knew I wanted to stain the top at some point. I cleaned out the kinda nasty drawers & I did lay teal wrapping paper on the inside. (forgot those pics)

The past few weekends we started working on it again. We actually spray painted it nearly 3 weeks ago but left it outside in the cold/windy air & the paint cracked. WHOOPS! Lesson learned. My sweet man had to re-sand most of the desk. Such a bummer & he spray painted it again.

Now I have a vanity! I’m excited! I have so much room to put all my girly things! Plus the craft room now has much more space because we moved our old armoire & dresser into that room in exchange for the desk.

Johnny did 90% of the work on this piece of furniture & I’m grateful that he trust my ideas enough to work on it without really knowing what we are doing. I think we might put new pulls on it as I find the ones I like.Noah has found a new secret hiding place. We found two chairs on the side of the road that are waiting to be re covered in new fabric & painted. So until the chair gets there Noah has a new hang out spot.

(Happy Tuesday. Going to play cars with Noah.)



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