No Sew Curtains

The bathroom connected to our bedroom has been going through some changes the last few months. We have taken down the red car boarder, painted it a dark gray, I made a jewelry display…

& last week I made some curtains (no sew of course)!

I’m not sure if I blogged about my exciting phone call I got a few weeks ago, I WON a $100 gift card to the new Hancock Fabric’s store in town! WOOHOO! I was so excited! I have NEVER WON anything like this and well it made my week…. until I graduated that weekend. lol

Anyhoo… we have needed curtains for our little bathroom since we moved into that room about 2 months ago. The window has this tint on it (yuck) so until we feel like messing with that fun project, I decided to cover up the yuckiness with cute curtains.

My friend Angela & her sweet baby girl Ellie went with Noah & I to find a fabric! They helped me pick out 3 yards of this pretty little number below and then they came over to hang out with us for most of the afternoon. I was going to get her to help me but then our husbands left work (Angela’s husband is the youth pastor @ our church) and we had left overs from the night It was so much fun to have them over!

So a few days later I convinced myself to try to make them on my own.

~ ~ ~

Items Needed To Make No Sew Curtains:

1) Ruler    2) Fabric     3) Iron     4) Ultra Heat n Bond     5) Fabric Scissors     6) Pencil

1st Make sure you measure your window before you head to the fabric store or DONT (like me) and guess.  I Knew I wouldn’t need anymore than 2 yards but I really loved the fabric so much that I bought a lot extra to have for a few other future projects.

2nd Lay out your fabric on a large working area (use the floor if you need to) and measure the needed material. I needed 31 X 34 inches, BUT ADD an extra 2 inches to the length for the seam, so I needed 33 X 36 inches. Also it makes it easier when the time comes to cut your fabric – if you have a few objects holding down your material while you cut it out, such as your husband’s Ipad. Another tip is to lay out the fabric against a straight edge to make cutting it easier. I used the table edge.

3rd I measured out the dimensions needed, lightly with a pencil drew a line to direct my scissors, and then went to cutting my fabric!

4th Get out your Ultra Heat n Bond to cut out 4 – nearly one – inch thick strips in the lengths needed for your curtains. You can use the same method of measuring it out, penciling the strips, and cutting OR you can just eye ball it to save time 🙂

5th Warm Up Your Iron & If your a steamer like me, make sure it is full of water! (this saves time later)

6th Lay out your fabric onto your iron (EXCUSE the hideous ironing table  that desperately needs a cover up). Then take your heat in bond strip lay it on the edge of the fabric – with the paper side UP – iron over each section of the strip for 3 seconds

7th Wait Patiently (not my forte) for a minute or so for the strip to cool off & then remove the paper from the fabric

8th Fold over the fabric with heated strip to make your seam. Iron over each part of the fabric & heat n bond strip for 10-15 seconds. BE SURE to do every part of the strip. Depending on how thin or thick your fabric is you can increase or reduce the amount of time needed to iron over fabric to make the seam. I added several steam pumps to be sure that it was on good! I like to be safe than sorry.

9th (REPEAT steps 6-8, three more times to complete ALL 4 seams)

10th TADA! All Done. Hang Up Your New Curtains, Step Back, Snap a Picture & SMILE!

This was so much fun!

I made these in about 20 minutes after Noah went to sleep & Johnny was having coffee with a friend. 5 Years ago I never thought I would find so much enjoyment in making curtains on a Friday night! HA! but I Really do!


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