Love Wall Art (DIY)



The Story & How To: 

When Johnny & I first got married we moved into a loft apartment on the church campus that we were youth pastors at. I was in college & we were both very busy & didn’t take too much time to think about our living space. Plus we were broke as a joke & hadn’t yet discovered the art of Up Cycling! With that said, I kinda just inherited a style from other people around me such as friends, family, previous tenants of the loft and I didn’t really think too much about it. ALSO I worked @ Kirklands and well that was the style that I went with. It is great and beautiful but just not us.

All of our stuff in our house looks like Kirklands. So I have been working to revamp our Kirkland’s style casa to a more “us” style.

In our bathroom we’ve had this pretty number above the toilet since January & I really am not a fan of the pattern or colors so I brainstormed for a while and then went to work! I decided we needed something for our bedroom.

I love the framed canvas and these momma’s are not cheap! So I knew I wanted to keep the frame but do something with the canvas.

I made a trip to home depot and after about 20 minutes of trying to locate someone in the paint department I snatched up a tiny $3 sample size of a pretty whitish color of paint. Next I stopped by Hobby Lobby & bought some wood letters for $4, a can of yellow spray paint ($2 with coupon).

Later that day I taped off the pretty frame & painted the canvas with 2 coats of paint & spray painted the wood letters with the pretty yellow!

I let both of those sit over night to be sure they were completely dry!

The next morning I grabbed my E 6000 glue (previously purchased for another project that I got for 2$ with a coupon at Hobby Lobby) and glued the letters onto the canvas the way I wanted them to look!

This stuff is seriously powerful. Do not make the mistake of squeezing in the middle. In fact do NOT squeeze the tube AT ALL. Simply just hold upside down and let it come out. It may take a few extra seconds to have it come out but it is worth the wait, TRUST ME! Once it is out of the bottle it isn’t going back in & you are stuck with a mess!

Now we have an empty space in our bathroom, but we have a cute piece of art hanging in our room. Ill take a picture of it in it’s new space soon.



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