List #12: Resolutions for a New Year

This time of year people are making their New Year Resolutions hoping to attain them by this time next year. I really am not a person who makes big elaborate goals for myself without truly believing whole heartedly that I will achieve them. I am just not that way. I am a realist. A dreamer, but a realist. I know what I am capable of, the interest I have, and I know what it takes to motivate me to get to the place to achieve my goals. I understand that if I don’t truly care about something then I will never ever find myself reaching a place to conquer something I am fairly concerned about. Luckily, as a realist I also have passion in the areas of life I am interested in.

Here is my 2012 New Year Resolutions (@ complete random)

List #12: Resolutions for a New Year:

  1. Paint at least every other month
  2. accomplish one of my life goals
  3. journal once a month in my written journal
  4. re-open my etsy shop
  5. make & sell more than 3 items I have handmade
  6. Learn to sew (way better)
  7. go dancing with my man
  8. keep having fun blogging
  9. have a date night or day once every other month (more if possible)
  10. start mommy & me, java after jammies
  11. volunteer at least every three months (not including any church activity)
  12. go the the beach
  13. write more songs with Johnny
  14. sing in public again
  15. buy an amazing camera of my dreams
  16. read at least 10 books this year (that are not required)
  17. have a girls weekend with my mom&sister (they don’t know about this yet)
  18. Go on a missions trip (in our out of country)
  19. get a pedicure every 3 months (instead of every 3 years)
  20. Live my life as if there is never going to be a later
  21. Make more jewelry








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