Week 4: Favorite Places to Eat

This week I have been thinking of all the fun places that I have ever eaten at & love going back to when I get the chance. Some of the places that I’m listing are places that I’ve only been to once or twice because of location…for example they are in another state across the country. Most of them are no longer near where I live, but at one point in time I frequented their location way too often.

This week was fun because who doesn’t love to go have a yummy meal with friends & family and have a fun time? Everybody loves it! 

Week 4: Favorite Places to Eat: (in no particular order)

  1. La Bodega in College Station, Texas. some of the best baja mexican ever.
  2. Sams in Warrenton, Oregon. Best onion rings i’ve had.
  3. Chipotle. Johnny & I almost had them cater our wedding. seriously!
  4. Fishes & Loaves in La Grange, Texas (they catered instead)
  5. Magnolia Cafe in Austin, Texas. Oh so yummy & a great variety.
  6. PF Changs, only been once but loved it!!!
  7. River Pub & Grill in San Marcos, Tx. The place I became addicted to fish tacos at.
  8. must be heaven in brenham, texas. best stuffed avocado with chicken salad & johnny loves the french dip. We both enjoy the apple pie & blue bell!
  9. kobe in san marcos, tx. Best sushi i’ve ever had! I love me some sushi
Really feeling some river pub right now!!! 🙂
this kinda made me hungry,

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