Week 5: If Money Grew on Trees this Would be the Plan of Action

This post is a day late. Sorry to disappoint all of my faithful readers, ha! All two of you! Yesterday I went to visit my sister Jen & her sweet little family in Austin with my mom & Noah. We got back very late and I was feeling miserable with a cold. So here I go today, Week 5: If Money Grew on Trees this Would be the Plan of Action: Below are the list of things that I would do if money was no object. It is a fun concept to think about. Always lovely to dream about the small every day things I would do differently & also about the big adventurous places I might go if money grew on a tree in my back yard.

Week 5: If Money Grew on Trees this Would be the Plan of Action:

1. I’d have a drink from starbucks nearly everyday. My drink of choice would alternate between: passion tea, hot white mocha (lite), cold white mocha (lite), caramel frap lite, skinny vanilla latte

2. My front living room would have furniture in it. One grey sofa couch, two funky chairs, a blue piano, plate spread art, 2 lamps, perfect pretty rug, some throws, frames with pictures and art, curtains, and a coffee table.

3. I would own a sewing machine by now.

4. A wonderful camera would be mine to capture all the memories being made.

5. Student Loans would no longer exist.

6. Johnny would no longer be a UPS man. Although I think he’s a pretty sexy UPS man!

7. We would take a trip each year to somewhere special.

8. I would take Johnny on his first scuba adventure! I can’t wait to go diving with him one day!

9. We would hire a babysitter once a week (or at least once a month) for a date night.

10. I have always wanted to buy groceries for families in need on a regular basis. How fun would that be? I love to go grocery shopping, so I would love to be able to stock someones fridge and pantry FULL to the brim!

11. Noah would be getting swim lessons right now. Oh, the cuteness of Noah swimming makes my heart happy!

12. Our back living room would be completed with curtains, art, rug, new chair, and built-in shelves in each pocket.

13. Johnny would have a new white t shirt for every single day. ha! (He always says if he could, he would have a new white t shirt every single day & never have to re wear one again) ALways makes me laugh. lol

14. Thrift stores, garage sales, and antique shows would be my entertainment every weekend. I LOVE thrifting to upcylce! It is so much fun.

15. I think it would be so fun to randomly buy peoples lunches during the week at restaurants. During the lunch hour go into your local applebees or wherever have lunch and then ask God to show you a few people to buy their lunch for. How fun would that be!?? So much fun! This wouldn’t be an every now and then thing, but a weekly habit.

16. Pay someone’s toll fee in the car behind me.

17. Be at the register at the grocery store and before paying buy a gift card for say, 100$ then as I’m leaving give it to the person behind me! Oh someday! Gotta plan for this because that would be awesome!

18. Have an art studio outside in my back yard. Full of paints, brushes, canvas, etc..

19. Visit family in the various states across the country that I haven’t seen in years!

20. Be at a place in life that my husband & I could just give more generously & freely!

21. My entire casa would get a facelift including decor, floors refinished, and furniture! 🙂



This was fun. Although money does not grow on trees and I will never have my own personal piggy bank somewhere ~ it is fun to just think about the concept of money not being an obstacle. However, each of the things above would either be nice to have or fun to do for someone, they are not necessities. The only ones that I really really really would love to come true SOON would be, being able to see family that live so far away, Johnny no longer being a UPS man, having date nights more than once every 3 months, and I really want a sewing machine! 🙂



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