UP Cycling & DIY

UP Cycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. Basically it is an inexpensive, fun, and creative way to spend our free time together 🙂

 In our free time we have a few hobbies! Johnny & I love to be silly, make up songs, sing together, and up-cycle! With the purchase of our 1st home we have come to fall in love with thrift shops & all the fun that comes along with visiting them! We have the repurposing bug! We enjoy hunting down old pieces of furniture, wood, picture frames, doors, clothing, purses, fabric, books etc. in the hopes of making it into something beautiful, fun, and perfect for our home! We absolutely love finding things that people no longer want & seeing the potential the item has to become something fabulous & functional for us!

Fabulous, Functional, & Fun is such a great combination!

DIY Projects just make sense. Why let someone else make something for you that you can do for yourself ??? I’d rather not. So we’ve been doing stuff for ourselves! I’ve also picked up the hobby of crafting, its kinda addicting!

Check out a few things we’ve been working on.


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