Week 6: Reasons I LOVE not having an Iphone

Last week I went on a sabbatical from my Iphone. It last about 8 days. The first day I surprisingly wasn’t even phased by not having my phone. I thought for sure I was going to miss the constant texting, looking at facebook, being intrigued by pinterest, and checking my email. However, none of the above applied to me. I was perfectly fine. With the exception of not being able to talk to my hubby on the phone. That was a bit annoying. During my 8 days without my phone I realized that I loved not having it for these reasons:

Week 6: Reasons I LOVE not having an Iphone:

  1.  the constant habit to look at facebook via my Iphone was gone after a few hours
  2.  the same need to find things on pinterest that are pretty, clever, and inspiring was gone in the same amount of time. a few hours.
  3. I have so much more time to READ. 2 weeks prior to the sabbatical I started reading, daily (vs once or twice a week).
  4. My eyes don’t hurt nearly as much as they usually do. Its been great!
  5. I think so much! Comprehend more clearly. Loving that.
  6. There is so much FREEDOM to NOT have a phone!!
those are the reasons I love not having an iphone.




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